Audi Oil Service 500x333 Audi Fluid FlushKeeping your Audi engine running well requires regular checks and occasional flushing of its systems.  Flushing out the brake fluid or cooling systems will reduce sediment build-up, which in turn, should prolong the life of your Audi.

Some of the important fluids in your Audi are your transmission fluid and your brake fluid.  Let Autoscope Foreign Car Care take the worry and the stress out of flushing the fluids.






Audi Transmission Gear 150x150 Audi Fluid FlushTransmission Fluid Flush – Want to ensure that your transmission continues to shift smoothly?  Allow Autoscope Foreign Car Care to flush it out.  This will help keep the valve body, clutch packs, and solenoids working properly.  This, consequently, will help to prolong the life of your transmission.




Audi Brakes 150x150 Audi Fluid FlushBrake Fluid Flush – Brake pedal feeling a little soft or spongy?  The brake fluid may be saturated with moisture.  Let us flush out your brake fluid and get your brakes back working in optimum condition.  While we are flushing out your brake fluid, we will check to ensure that the balance of your brake system is in safe working order as well.

Bring your Audi into one of our three locations where professionally trained technicians will flush out your systems and replenish your fluids.  All Audi models, including A3, A4, A5, A6, A8, Q5, Q7, TT, R8 and all S models, can have their fluids flushed.