Your Bentley is a sophisticated car, and is equipped with an amazing air ride suspension.  Occasionally, something may go wrong with it however, and it will require attention.

Here are a few things you should know about your Bentley’s air suspension:

-Your Bentley should not lower itself overnight, this is a sign the suspension is failing. Warning messages on the display that are related to the suspension being too low can also be shown to let you know a problem is happening, but they do not always come on in every situation.

-Instead of regular coil type springs under your car, your Bentley is supported by 4 rubber cylinders, that are filled with air. Your Bentley monitors the road, and in conjunction with your suspension requests, such as comfort mode, or sport mode, will modify the pressure in the springs.

-Age affects the rubber air springs, and will cause small cracks to start forming, and the air will begin to slowly leak out. When this happens, typically when parked overnight, the Bentley will sit low on one side or one corner, such as the Front left, or Rear Right.

-Catching this problem early on, when signs are first noticed of dropping overnight is the best way to prevent a catastrophic failure. If left unrepaired, the air spring can eventually blow out. These air springs are the only thing keeping your Bentley off the ground. If the spring blows out while driving, it becomes very dangerous, and will also cause extensive damage to the body of the car.

-When the car drops overnight, this will stress the other components of the suspension, such as the rubber bushings. Repairing the air suspension at the first signs of dropping will avoid having to repair these other components.