Bentley Batteries

Did you know that if you don’t drive your Bentley consistently, you will need a trickle charger for the battery to maintain its life?


Some Bentley’s come with a Bentley trickle charger new, but if yours doesn’t have one we definitely recommend getting one. There are options for purchasing your battery tender, either the Bentley trickle charger, one from or any trickle charger should do as long as it is for an AGM type battery.

Other good things to know about your Bentley and batteries:

  • Bentley’s have two batteries, one for the starter and one for the rest of the car.
  • If you don’t use Bentley’s trickle charger, you will need two chargers, one per battery.
  • Your Bentley needs to be driven every couple days to maintain its battery life. Letting it sit for a week can kill the batteries.
  • Trickle chargers keep the battery completely charged so they don’t diminish in life expectancy.
  • Trickle charger, battery tenders, and battery maintainer are all the same thing! But jump starters are a totally different device!

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