• Porsche Convertible Soft Top Repairs and Upgrades

    blog post Monday 01 August 2016

    If you happen to experience a hose leak on your 996 Porsche convertible roof, our technicians have the correct solution to get you back enjoying the open top experience.  On the hydraulically operated 996 Cabriolet, you have to replace the entire ram (hydraulic actuators) and the linkage, because Porsche does not offer just a hose replacement, the hose and ram come together as a unit. The hydraulic pump and motor assembly is still available by itself. However, if any of the cabriolet... read more

  • How Do Today's Top Luxury Brands Compare?

    blog post Thursday 19 May 2016

    As technology grows more powerful with each passing year, the products and machinery we use on a daily basis also grow just as capable and varied in comparison to their previous incarnations. Cars are no exception, especially as the auto industry constantly grows and companies pave the way for newer advancements in auto and electronic technology. Luxury cars are growing with exceptional speed. Three of the largest brands, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi, used to be quite distinct from one another an... read more

  • Watch Out for These Common Car Troubles!

    blog post Tuesday 17 May 2016

    Out of all the tribulations a car owner must endure, technical problems can be your worst enemy. Even the smallest problems make driving an inconvenience and lends to difficulties with carrying out daily tasks. Large-scale problems are even more debilitating, often to the point of needing to take your car to an independent auto repair shop and scramble for a... read more

  • A Brief History of the First Mercedes-Benz Vehicle

    blog post Thursday 12 May 2016

    In the auto world, Mercedes-Benz is known exclusively as a luxury car brand that has produced top-of-the-line vehicles for many years. However, not many people are aware of the brand’s complex history. Whether you’re an auto enthusiast or a long-time fan of the Mercedes brand, you may be interested in learning the history behind Mercedes vehicles and how they have grown into the prestige they possess today. The First Mercedes After he... read more

  • Which Is the Better Investment: A New or Preowned Vehicle

    blog post Tuesday 10 May 2016

    No matter how old you are or whether the vehicle in question is your first or fifteenth, the experience of making the actual vehicle purchase is always exciting. Where most people tend to falter, however, is in choosing what type of vehicle to buy. For many people, buying a new vehicle seems to be the best possible option, and buying a preowned vehicle seems more like a last resort than anything else. There is a certain stigma attached to buying a preowned vehicle over a new one. However, buying... read more

  • Experts Predict These Technologies Coming to Vehicles Within A Few Years

    blog post Thursday 05 May 2016

    Technological advancement has taken off in the past couple of decades, as you and almost everyone you know are experiencing. With the advent and development of technology, however, comes the implementation of said technology into our current daily conveniences and equipment. Automobiles and technology seem to especially go hand in hand and are expanding in cooperation with one another at a rapid rate. Experts and auto enthusiasts alike are already predicting what new gadgets will be incorporated... read more

  • Which Issues with Your Vehicle Always Require Professional Service?

    blog post Tuesday 03 May 2016

    We depend on our cars so much when it comes to managing our daily responsibilities that it’s often overwhelming when a problem surfaces seemingly out of nowhere, especially considering the steep costs often associated with auto repair. It may be tempting to tackle the problem yourself, especially if you have some knowledge of what it takes to fix cars. However, some problems need greater attention and know-how than what the amateur eye can lend. In these cases, you should turn to a profess... read more

  • Best Reasons for Purchasing a Luxury Vehicle

    blog post Thursday 28 April 2016

    Luxury cars have been given their status for a clear reason. Known for their flashiness, powerful engines, advanced technological abilities and hefty price tags, luxury vehicles are a universal status symbol. If you’re reading this article, you may admire these cars to some degree. However, is it worth it for you to buy them? Ultimately, the decision is up to you. However, we can help you come to a more informed decision by providing all the advantages of buying a luxury car... read more

  • What You Should Consider When Shopping for Your New Luxury Vehicle

    blog post Tuesday 05 April 2016

    Shopping for a new luxury car can be an intimidating experience. Many of these cars may seem similar, making it difficult to choose the one that will best suit your needs and remain within your budget. Before you head to the car dealership and start looking for an independent auto repair shop, consider these factors to help you decide which car will best suit your needs.   Power   One of the reasons individua... read more

  • Why an Audi May Be the Right Car for You

    blog post Thursday 31 March 2016

    If you're considering purchasing your next vehicle, the Audi can be a great option. While there are many luxury cars on the market, there are certain features of Audi cars that can make them the best option for those who are looking for a new car. In addition to being able to get Audi repair and service at your local independent auto repair shop, you will find the following benefits to owning this brand.   The Lates... read more

  • Ten of the Best Mercedes-Benz Models

    blog post Tuesday 29 March 2016

    Mercedes has created cars since the early 1900s, giving vehicle owners quality and luxury. Over the years, these models have changed dramatically as styles have altered and technology has improved. Today, we’re taking a look back at the top 10 models they have created. You may find some of the newer models at your dealer for Mercedes in Plano.   10. G-Wagen   Built in 1979, the G-Wagen emulated the Land... read more

  • Why Are Land Rovers So Popular?

    blog post Thursday 17 March 2016

    Land Rovers are the popular choice of vehicles for auto enthusiasts. For some, the matter of why can be perplexing. Land Rovers have long held a reputation of inefficiency and are considered by some to be nothing but massive, clunky tanks with terrible gas mileage that are far more trouble than they’re worth. However, evidence to the contrary exists. Here are a list of reasons Land Rovers will never go out of style. Land Rovers Are Community-Ori... read more

  • The Most Surprising Mercedes-Benz Trivia

    blog post Tuesday 15 March 2016

    How much do you really know about Mercedes-Benz vehicles? While the brand is known primarily for its luxury lines, they have been in business for centuries. In fact, they got their start during the 1880s and, as evidence shows, have been making waves and progress ever since. Here are some little known facts about the Mercedes-Benz company that may surprise you. Mercedes-Benz Became the Recent Champions of 2014's Formula One Races It's com... read more

  • Everything You Need to Know About the 2016 BMW Series

    blog post Thursday 10 March 2016

    Whether you’re a general fan of luxury vehicles or especially tuned into every bit of news related to BMWs specifically, you’re likely excited to learn about BMW’s plans for their 2016 line. Luckily, BMW has already unveiled plans for its newest models and shared them with the excited public. As the Metroplex’s leaders in BMW service and repa... read more

  • Don’t Panic, But Your Check Engine Light Is On

    blog post Tuesday 08 March 2016

    You’re driving along, minding your own business, when out of the corner of your eye you see it. Your “check engine” light just came on. The tendency for some drivers is to panic and start looking for the nearest independent auto repair shop to pull into. While this is an indication something is not working properly, it’s no reason to stress out. The “check engine” light is designed to respon... read more

  • Can You Use Regular Gas in Your Premium Import?

    blog post Thursday 03 March 2016

    Since the advent of automobiles and the resulting rise of the gas industry, drivers and vehicle experts have mulled over a large number of questions. For instance, is there a real difference between regular and premium gas? Are they interchangeable types of fuel for every vehicle out there? This subject can be especially troubling for those who drive luxury cars, such as Audis or BMWs, and want to know whether it’s safe to fill up expensive, premium cars with less than premium fuel. Expert... read more

  • What Should You Do When Your Car Starts Backfiring?

    blog post Thursday 25 February 2016

    It can be frightening when your car backfires unexpectedly. Even though it can be startling, it does not necessarily mean there is something wrong with the vehicle. Most of the time, when the loud pop occurs, you are either idling the engine or have just shut the engine off. Not only do most drivers want to know what is going on with their vehicle, but they also want to know what to do. If your vehicle just started doing this, it’s important to take it to an ... read more

  • When Will You Have a Self-Driving Car?

    blog post Thursday 18 February 2016

    Much like hoverboards, the idea of a self-driving car has been deeply anticipated by the public, which expects big things in the future with respect to technological advancement. However, unlike the hoverboard, the self-driving car has yet to debut for public consumption, despite the fact several auto companies have already issued announcements saying they were developing self-driving automobiles at present. At the Consumer Electronics Show, companies unveiled cars that already displayed severa... read more

  • Your Mercedes Could Be Producing Excessive Emissions

    blog post Tuesday 16 February 2016

    As we all know, today’s cars present a certain harm to the environment thanks to their emission methods. However, evidence from France suggests some cars may cause more pollution than others, specifically, the Renault, Mercedes-Benz and Ford brands, which the country’s government suspects are putting out more nitrogen oxide emission than they should. In fact, the amount of emission these cars are producing exceeds the limit the government in France has set in place. This investi... read more

  • BMW's Spyder Is Still a Long Way from Production

    blog post Thursday 11 February 2016

    The Spyder model, a new type of convertible that has been under development by BMW and under deep anticipation by BMW fans, is, unfortunately, being delayed for two more years. The Spyder is supposed to be a revamp of the popular i8 model. According to a BMW representative, no new models under the i brand will be made in the year 2016. The announcement contradicts a claim made by Harald Krüger, the CEO of BMW. He purported a preview of the Spyder convertible would be revealed soon. This new... read more