BMW control arm bushings are constructed of rubber, and filled with fluid. This helps to dampen vibration and irregularities in the road surface, so you feel less of them while driving.

BMW control arm bushings typically last 30,000-60,000 miles in our environment. Sharp road impacts, such as pot holes, as well as extreme heat affect the life of the bushings.

Worn, or failed control arm bushings will not dampen vibration, and keep your suspension in alignment. This will be transmitted to your tires and cause them to wear out early.

An excellent way to tell if your BMW control arm bushings are weak is when tapping your brakes in traffic, and a “clunk” or “thump” is heard from the front of your car, that movement is usually from the control arm bushings. The noise you are hearing is actually your tires jumping forward/backwards during the braking motion.

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