How Can BMW Preventative Maintenance Saves You Valuable Time And Hassles?

What Would You Say if I told you that adhering to the the BMW Maintenance, by the Dashboard-Lights is actually not the best way to maintain your BMW?

In the next few paragraphs, I will try to answer the question of "How BMW Preventative Maintenance Saves You Time, a lot of Money and Hassles in the future.

As a BMW Owner, You're aware of the warning lights that guide you through your maintenance program. Well, these are approaching the maximum life terms of the parts and lubrications, and could quite possible run well over the thresholds designed by the actual manufacturer's of your BMW's components.

Things to not do to your BMW.

Don't ignore symptoms or warnings the car is giving you, such as rattles, clunks and warning lights.  It always costs more in the long run.

Don't let the fuel tank constantly run low.  This shortens the life of the fuel pump and leads to expensive repair.

Don't only look at maintenance from a "mileage" stand point.  Things wear out due to age as well.

Don't let fluid leaks remain in a state of disrepair.  Several components will not tolerate being covered in fluid.

Don't drive through large water puddles.  This can cause the engine to pull in water instead of air, and cause severe engine damage.

Don't accept or look for short cut repairs with inferior parts.  Just because something is cheaper, does not mean it is a better value.

Did you know items:

Spark plugs for turbocharged engines need to be replaced sooner than engines that are not turbocharged.

The engine air filter should be replaced at every 3rd oil change, and inspected at every service.

BMW notes that their automatic transmissions do not require a fluid service, yet the actual manufacturer of the transmission, ZF, requires it to be serviced at 60,000 miles.

Did you know that just because your battery will start your car, does not mean it is good.  Modern vehicles require much more electrical power.

You should replace your wiper blades every 6 months.