IMG 2980 500x333 BMW Engine Oil Leak   (E39) 528iLet AUTOSCOPE examine the oil leaks and advise you of the action necessary to remedy your oil leaks.

Known as one of BMW’s classic body-styles since being introduced in the U.S. in 1996, some examples of the E39 are now approaching 18 years of age.  This does not mean that they are not still stylish or still great options for your transportation needs, but it does mean that we should pay special attention to any oil leaks that we discover.  At this age and possible mileage we want to be very careful in delaying any repairs when it comes to oil leaks.  BMW has always produced amazing engines; however, they still need their oil.  Oil leaks are one of the largest contributors to oil starvation and thereby a leading cause of engine failure.

This 2000 BMW e39 528i has an engine oil leak coming from the valve cover gasket, which is not uncommon.  Time and mileage conspire against the gasket itself and cause it to fail.  When this failure occurs leaks develop around the valve cover and since the valve cover is towards the top of the engine, everything below this can become saturated in oil.  The oil can leak onto hoses and cause them to deteriorate; since oil and rubber do not get along, thus leading to more necessary repairs.

Another potential problem with a leaking valve over gasket is that oil will leak onto the exhaust and the oxygen sensors, as is the case with this BMW.  The photos show oil that has leaked onto the oxygen sensors and the exhaust pipes as well.  With the exhaust pipes reaching very high temperatures the oil will burn off creating smoke, which can come into the car via the ventilation system.  Also, when the oil gets onto the oxygen sensors it can lead to premature failure of the sensors and they can be rather expensive to replace.  Although these photos show a BMW, the same holds true for almost all vehicles as valve covers may develop leaks over time and the oil may leak onto other components.

Autoscope has a 32 year history of locating, correcting, and monitoring oil leaks and can make recommendations on repairs of these leaks when required.


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