New Lowering Springs, Stiffer Ride and a Custom Look

Our clients have various reasons for adding lowering springs to a vehicle, such as this 2011 BMW 550i (F10). Some want it just for appearance, as it can give the car a more aggressive stance, others prefer a slightly stiffer ride which can be accomplished with certain springs, and others do it to reduce the gap between the tire and the wheel arch after installing aftermarket wheels.  Whatever the reason, we are here to help with recommendations, installation, and car set up whether you car is for the street or track.

This 2011 BMW 550i was fitted with shorter H&R springs which gave it a more aggressive look as well as the ride characteristics for which our client was looking.  Each vehicle is a little different and the installations are performed accordingly.  Our highly skilled technicians are accustomed to repairing and replacing suspension components so the replacement of springs is a common occurrence here at Autoscope.

Anytime suspension components are replaced, or any work is done to the suspension, a four wheel alignment is always necessary and installing lowering springs is no different.  This is crucial to a successful installation.  Also, if your car is equipped with adjustable suspension we offer corner balancing in which we adjust the suspension to distribute the car’s weight as equally as possible at each of the four corners of the car.

Please contact Autoscope if you have any questions regarding the installation of lowering springs or any suspension component.

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