BMW A/C Filters Are Critical!

Keeping your filters clean allows more airflow into the interior of your BMW, and the more air that moves, the cooler you stay!

This works exactly like the air conditioning system in your house. The fan draws air through a filter, then blows the air across a cooling section of the air conditioning, known as an evaporator. From this point, witchcraft happens, and you get cold air!

Just like your house, these filters can affect the performance of your air conditioning system when they are dirty, so they need periodic replacement.

Your cabin filters should be checked at every oil service, and replaced BEFORE they are clogged to help keep your Air Conditioning working correctly.

During a Texas summer, the interior of your car can reach 180 degrees very quickly, so every extra bit of refreshing cold air is welcome!

Running your BMW air conditioning with clogged filters can damage your BMW’s blower fan as well!


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