Many of the BMW’s that we care for at Autoscope Foreign Car Care see some track use throughout the year.  In fact, we service several track-only cars for all types of racing so we are very familiar with different brake set ups for your BMW.  Whether your BMW sees one track day a year or goes to the track every weekend we can provide different options for your stopping needs.

The factory brakes on most M Series cars are adequate for minimal to moderate track use, depending on your goals and experience.  For those advanced drivers or for those cars that see more frequent track or autocross use, there are several services that we can provide to increase the performance of the brake system for your BMW.  These services can range from a brake fluid flush with high performance brake fluid to complete aftermarket brake kits, including rotors, brake pads, brake lines, and fluid.

For a non-M Series car that sees the track or autocross course, the brakes are one of the most noticeable improvements you can make for your car.  Any 1 of the 3 Autoscope locations can assist you with choosing the proper modifications for your BMW.  We will look at driver experience level, type of car, track where you will be running, how often you go to the track, and other things to determine the best brake set-up for the car.  BMW’s can be improved a great deal with changes to the brake system.

Brake upgrades will improve brake feel, reduce brake fade, improve overall braking performance, allow you to brake later, improve consistently and provide a safer BMW for you to enjoy at the track or autocross course.  A car that performs more consistently will add to driver confidence and make your track days that much more enjoyable.  Stop in at Autoscope and see what we can do for you.

BMW Brakes for Track Use