Plano and Dallas BMW Brakes Service

Are you hearing an increasingly loud “SHREEK, a Squeak or a Grind"! every time you hit the brakes in your BMW? Do they feel a little softer than they should? Or have you simply reached that mileage point where your BMW's service indicator is recommending a brake inspection?

Our factory-trained technicians and mechanics are ready to take a look at your BMW's brakes. We can replace pads and rotors, refresh your brake fluid or perform a thorough inspection of your BMW's entire system so that your BMW will stop on a dime. If your BRAKE or ABS warning lamp is on – or if there's a message running across your BMW's dashboard – we can perform the required service and extinguish the message.

We use only Original Equipment Manufacturer and factory-recommended BMW Brake pads and rotors – the only kind you should trust for your BMW when driving in Dallas and Plano.

At AUTOSCOPE, we've seen it all, and for over 34 Years – no project is too big or too small. 

BMW 328i Brakes

This BMW 328i has a brake pad lining light showing on its service display when starting the car. The warning shows this BMW to need rear brakes in 1700 miles. The correct procedure for any brake repair is to measure the thickness of the all the brake pads and rotors, as well as visually inspect for surface defects, to determine exactly what replacement parts will be needed.

In checking this BMW, it was found that it was in need of replacement pads and rotors due to the components being worn. It is very common for European cars, such as BMW, to need replacement of both brake pads and brake rotors while servicing the system. The brake pad and rotors wear in conjunction with each other, which creates a higher level of friction. This helps to obtain the short stopping distances, and brake dust, that BMW models are known for.

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