Dallas BMW Tuning

BMW Tuning is the Evolution of Optimum Performance

With BMW Tuning your vehicle is transformed from a stock performance vehicle into a vision of high performance elegance that hits on all cylinders and gives you the Power and Handling that your car deserves. BMW Tuning offers you drastically improved Horsepower, Acceleration, Handling and Aerodynamics.

How does BMW Tuning Work?

Your BMW is initially tuned at the factory to stock levels. BMW Tuning uses aftermarket parts to optimize the performance of your vehicle by reprogramming the microprocessor and adjusting the fuel and air your vehicle receives.

Using Dinan performance parts and software, your vehicle increases Turbo Performance by fine-tuning your fuel/air mixture. It also adjusts your RPMs to Increase Overall Power.

With GIAC performance parts your BMW is lowered to Improve Aerodynamics and Handling. Other tuning can increase pressure for your coolant system to be able to handle High Performance.

What does this mean to you?

BMW Tuning gives you increased performance in Horsepower, Acceleration, Torque Gains, Higher Rev-Limit, Reduce Drive Train Friction, Cooling, Handling, and Tire Wear. This means that you haven’t even begun to tap into the greatness that your BMW is capable of. BMW Tuning is a process that should only be handled by trained mechanics and only reputable BMW tuning manufacturers should be used.

Don’t settle for Ordinary.  Demand Optimum.

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