Dallas and Plano BMW Suspension Repair

Potholes are very damaging! They can damage your tires, your wheels, and your suspension parts. 


How Do I Know If My Car Has Any Damage?

  1. Is your BMW pulling either to the right or left while driving on a straightaway?
  2. Are you experiencing a vibration, shake or shimmy while driving your BMW?
  3. Are your tires wearing unevenly or prematurely?

Your BMW’s suspension is comprised mostly of aluminum for its lightweight properties, however, aluminum is a softer metal and can easily bend during a big impact such as hitting a large pothole while traveling at a modest speed. Such an impact can cause your alignment to go out of whack. If not realigned frequently, you may have to buy new tires more often than you would like. If you think you may have damage you should have your car inspected.

Dallas BMW Suspension Repair Front suspension on a BMW 5 Series

What can you do to prevent BMW suspension damage?

-Drive cautiously, especially on rough roads and through intersections

-Try to avoid potholes if possible

-Watch out for curbs when turning and in narrow drive thru's. 


In addition to avoiding potholes, you should have your BMW checked as often as every six months for the following:

  1. Suspension damage
  2. Premature tire-wear (signs of bent suspension parts or improper inflation pressures)
  3. Worn out ball-joints and bushings


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