BMW M3 Alignment 500x375 BMW Wheel Alignment

Are your tires wearing out quickly?  Does your BMW seem to have steering problems?  The alignment on your BMW’s alignment might be out. However, if you feel a vibration on the steering wheel and/or seat at highway speeds, this could mean your wheels need to be balanced. These two are often confused even though they have nothing to do with each other except for the fact that the handling and ride of the vehicle is affected.

All BMWs have specific wheel alignment requirements.  Autoscope’s state-of-the-art alignment machine is customized to meet the specific requirements for aligning and provides superior high-precision alignment for all BMW models.

With our alignment service, you will maximize the life of your tires, and you will ensure that the vehicle travels in a straight and true line without pulling to one side.  We adjust the angles of the wheels so that they are set to your BMW maker’s specification.

Please call any of Autoscope’s three locations to set up an appointment to bring your BMW in and have it inspected to determine if your BMW needs an alignment or if something else is going on with your BMW.

Check out our BMW Alignment Video that offers a visual guide of why your car needs an alignment.