Tips and Tricks for Easy Holiday Travel

tips and tricks for holiday travel autoscope Tips and Tricks for Easy Holiday Travel

Get BMW service before you leave to ensure safe travels.

The holidays are rapidly approaching and it’s time to consider your road trips to visit family and friends. Depending on the distance you will be travelling, you need to make sure you get the proper BMW service repair so you make it to your destination with less stress. Checking these aspects of your vehicle will allow you to get the BMW repair service you need to ensure you reach your destination safely.

Check Your Battery

Many drivers fail to think about their battery when it comes to BMW service. Before you head out on any long trip, check the battery terminals for corrosion. If you haven’t replaced your battery in several years, you may want to consider replacement to reduce the risk of a breakdown.

Examine the Belts

The engine’s drive belt is susceptible to fraying and cracking over time. This belt should be replaced every 60,000 miles, but it can sometimes wear out prior to this point. For this reason, it’s important to check it before you drive long distances so you can replace it if necessary. In most cases, you need a BMW service repair shop to help you replace this belt.

Inspect Your Tires

Depending on where in the country you will travel, you may encounter harsh winter road conditions. Therefore, it’s important to inspect your tires and make sure you have enough tread to handle whatever the weather throws your way. In addition to the tread, make sure there is no uneven wear and check for proper air pressure to maximize gas mileage and ensure your safety.

Check Fluid Levels

Perhaps one of the most important elements to check is all of your fluids. The radiator fluid is one of the most important because it keeps your engine cool and prevents overheating. However, this isn’t the only fluid you should monitor before you take any road trip. Brake fluid, transmission fluid, windshield washer fluid and oil should all be at appropriate levels before you head out.

Taking a road trip to see family and friends for the holiday can be an exciting experience. Unfortunately, if you don’t get the right BMW service and repair before you take to the road, you could find your car broken down, making it difficult to reach your destination safely and on time. Checking these factors will ensure your car is ready for the long trip. If you identify something that needs attention, it’s better to get BMW repair before you leave, rather than trying to find a repair shop that is open for the holidays.

If you need BMW service and repair before you take to the road this holiday season, contact us. Our Dallas, TX, repair shop can make your car safe for any road trip.

5 Questions to Ask Your BMW Repair Shop

5 things to ask repair shop autoscope1 5 Questions to Ask Your BMW Repair Shop

Find out what you should ask to ensure you find the right BMW repair shop.

If you own a BMW, you own one of the safest, most reliable and most coveted vehicles on the planet. Your BMW is more than a tool to get you from point A to point B. It is an investment and a source of pride and something you don’t want to entrust to just anyone. If your BMW is involved in an accident, do your homework before you select a BMW service and repair shop.

A smart first step in choosing a BMW repair service provider is to research repair shops online and to ask friends and family members for recommendations. Armed with this list, go a step further and interview shops before selecting one. Here are five critical questions to ask.

1: Do you have any specific expertise in repairing BMWs?

One thing that sets BMWs apart from other cars is they are packed with features other cars don’t have. The last thing you want is to entrust your car to a service center that isn’t familiar with BMW’s safety and high-tech features. Make sure the shop you choose has extensive experience specifically with BMW service and repair.

2: What qualifications do your technicians possess?

At the least, technicians working for the BMW repair shop you select should be I-Car and Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified. Beyond that, they also should have BMW-specific training under their belts.

3. Does your shop have the equipment needed to repair aluminum?

Because aluminum is strong and lightweight, BMW is using more of it in the construction of its vehicles (especially its 5 and 6 series vehicles.) The lighter-weight a car is, the more fuel efficient it is. To repair your BMW, a shop must be equipped with tools that allow technicians to weld aluminum.

4. Will your shop use OEM or aftermarket parts on my BMW?

OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. If a BMW part is OEM, that means the part was manufactured by BMW. Aftermarket parts are made by third-party parts makers. These are parts that can be used on a BMW and also on various other types of cars. OEM parts are preferable to aftermarket parts because they are specific to your vehicle make and model.

5. Does this repair shop seem like it will value my business?

This last question is one to ask yourself, rather than your potential service center. Having your car in the shop is inconvenient enough. The last thing you need is to be forced to deal with unfriendly, unhelpful or disorganized service. Choose a repair shop you’re confident will be helpful and responsive.

No one looks forward to having to drop off their BMW at a repair shop. Accidents and issues do happen,  and regardless of how reliable your car is, needing a repair shop is inevitable. If you’re in or near Dallas, own a BMW and are looking for outstanding repair service and stellar customer service, contact us at Autoscope Foreign Car Care.


BMW Hires New Executive for High-Performance M Unit

bmw hired new exec m unit autoscope1 BMW Hires New Executive for High Performance M Unit

BMW M performance now has a new executive in charge.

German automaker BMW’s high-performance M unit has a new leader of in-house performance. Franciscus van Meel officially came aboard October 1, 2014, but will begin his new role in January of next year. BMW made the announcement on September 23. BMW began searching for a new M-unit leader after former BMW M performance head Friedrich Nitsche (59) announced plans to retire at the end of this year. Nitsche’s career at BMW spanned 36 years.

Audi’s Loss Is BMW’s Gain

Van Meel comes to BMW from another high-end German automaker – Audi. Until April 2014, he led that company’s Quattro unit for two years. The Quattro unit is responsible for the R8 supercar, which is built in Neckarsulm, Germany. Van Meel left Audi after the company’s chief of development Ulrich Hackenberg reassigned him to China. Although Audi has not publicly confirmed the rumors, many insiders speculate about why van Meel was reassigned. Media has reported the reasons included problems with a planned electric version of the R8 combined with delays in the next generation of the popular sports car. Another Audi exec defected to BMW in 2012. Peter Schwarzenbauer, former chief of sales, joined BMW after he was replaced at Audi by Luca de Meo.

Sales of BMW M Performance Vehicles Continue to Soar

In his new role, van Meel has some big shoes to fill. Under the leadership of his predecessor, Nitsche, the BMW M Performance Auto Unit shrunk the performance gap between standard BMWs and their priciest and most powerful M vehicles. Furthermore, since May of 2011 when Nitschke was named chair of BMW M gmbH, two new BMW M generations have been developed (the M3 and M4 models.) According to a BMW spokesperson, BWM M Performance sales continue to be recordbreaking. To meet demand, the company has scaled up production. In 2013, sales of BMW M vehicles surpassed 31,000, which correlates to a 16 percent increase in sales for the division.

BMW M: A Closer Look

BMW M is billed as a high-performance sports car that features a six-cylinder turbo engine, seven-speed dual clutch transmission and is extremely light weight. Weighing less than 1,500 kg, M autos boast maximum fuel efficiency and speed potential. Those fortunate enough to own a BMW M vehicle, whether it’s a convertible, sedan or coupe, are well advised to align themselves with a BMW performance shop qualified to work on these high-performance, high-tech machines.

If you own a BMW M or any other BMW, you own a piece of well-crafted machinery. When you need to bring your vehicle in for repair, diagnostics or maintenance, trust only a facility that specializes in BMW. At Autoscope Foreign Car Care, we use only BMW performance parts, and our technicians are highly trained and familiar with the BMW lineup. If you’re located in or near Dallas, contact us the next time you need skilled BMW service.

BMW Partners with Formula E

bmw partners with formula e autoscope1 BMW Partners with Formula E

BMW is pleased to provide pace cars for the Formula E races.

BMW is now an official vehicle partner to the FIA Formula E Championship, according to an announcement made last month. As partner, BMW supplies its i3 and i8 models for use as the course and safety cars for the series.

This is the opening season of the Formula E, and for every race, the German automaker will provide four vehicles. Two new hybrid i8 sports cars are slated for use as the Qualcomm Safety Car, while two fully-electric i3 cars will be used as the driver and medical extraction vehicles. The first Formula E race took place on September 13 with the BMW cars in action.

Imaginative Vehicle Concepts

The manufacturer is well-known for its reliable BMW performance. The new BMW i series has been hailed for its imaginative vehicle concepts and focus on sustainability. Launched in late 2013, the BMW i3 is the first fully-electric model in the group. It generates 170 horsepower. The futuristic BMW i8 is a low-emission plug-in hybrid. It features lightweight aluminum and carbon construction, and boasts 362 horsepower. This level of horsepower gives it the ability to accelerate from 0 to 100 kph in only 4.4 seconds.

In a statement, Jörg Reimann, vice president of BMW Brand Experience, called partnership between BMW and the FIA Formula E Championship a perfect match and said BMW is looking forward to being an official vehicle partner for the inaugural 2014-2015 season.

Modified Cars

Specific modifications have been made to all four cars to ensure they meet FIA safety and technical requirements. Qualcomm Incorporated’s inductive charging system is included so that the car’s battery can charge without cables. Veteran driver Bruno Correia will drive the safety car during the inaugural season. FIA Medical Delegate Dr. Phil Rayner and his team will run the extraction and medical cars. During the season, the cars will be located at the end of the pit lane, where they will charge wirelessly. This means each vehicle will be prepared for rapid deployment during every practice, qualifying and race.

In a statement, Jaume Sallares, Formula E marketing director for Formula E, expressed excitement at the announcement of the partnership, citing the excellent BMW performance and innovative device coupled with Qualcomm’s wireless charging technology.

The wireless charging system was supplied and integrated by Drayson Technologies, which was founded by Lord Paul Drayson. The company had initially intended to participate as a Formula E team, but later chose to shift all of its attention on developing the wireless charging technology.

The FIA Formula E Championship is a fully-electric racing series with 10 teams of two drivers each. It is scheduled to take place from September 2014 to June 2015. The series will be held in 10 cities around the world, including Beijing, Miami and London.

If you want to learn more about BMW performance, contact us. The independent technicians at our BMW performance shop can assist with your BMW auto parts and repair.

With Fall in the Air, Be Sure Your Performance BMW Is Road Ready

fall in the air autoscope 500x333 With Fall in the Air, Be Sure Your Performance BMW Is Road Ready

With fall in the air, your performance BMW needs attention.

The weather is getting cooler, which means it’s time to think about whether your car is ready for the approaching winter months. Even though a performance BMW can operate throughout the year, there are certain steps you should take in the fall to ensure it’s ready for falling temperatures. Waiting until after the cold weather arrives to discover a problem can spell disaster and result in higher repair bills.

Check the Tires

Your tires are one of the most important components when dealing with slick roads, even with a BMW performance package. Moisture and ice can collect on the road, creating a slippery surface. If your tires don’t have traction because of worn tread, you may not be able to stop and could experience slipping and sliding during routine driving. Make sure you have sufficient tread on your tires before the fall season.

Inspect Your Wiper Blades

Many wiper blades are made from plastic and rubber, which can warp in the heat of the summer. Once fall and winter arrive, these BMW performance parts won’t fully clean your windshield so you can see well during precipitation, whether it’s raining or snow falling. In most cases, you should replace your wiper blades annually. The fall is a great time to complete this task.

Evaluate You Brakes

Fall is the ideal time to check the brake components in our BMW performance package. A wet road and the presence of fallen leaves can both cause problems with stopping. If your brakes aren’t in great condition, you could experience handling problems, potentially leading to an accident. Taking your performance BMW to a repair shop to check the brakes can help you avoid these issues. As long as you use BMW performance parts to replace your brake components, you can feel confident in your car’s stopping power.

Clean It Up

In addition to checking these important car components, your performance BMW requires a thorough cleaning to ensure it operates well during the fall and winter months. Making sure your windows are clean is one of the most important aspects of this task. At this time of year, the sun is often lower in the sky, causing glare on dirty or streaked windows. Keeping the inside and outside of your windshield and other windows clean will ensure clear vision at all times of the day.

Taking good care of your performance BMW is a necessity throughout the year; however, as the cold weather approaches, it’s essential to make sure your car is ready. The cold weather and slick roads can quickly become dangerous. If your car isn’t operating at peak efficiency at this time of year, you increase the risk of getting involved in an accident or experiencing mechanical difficulties. Checking these and other components and replacing any worn BMW performance parts will ensure your car is ready for anything Mother Nature can deliver.

If you are looking for an experienced BMW performance repair shop, contact us. Our experienced Dallas, TX, technicians are ready to help you get your car ready for the colder weather.