3 Things No One Told You About Owning a Luxury Car

3 things no one told you autoscope 500x334 3 Things No One Told You About Owning a Luxury Car

Owning a luxury car can be worth it in the end.

Many people look forward to the day they can purchase their first brand new luxury vehicle. For some drivers, being able to afford a BMW performance car, fully loaded Mercedes or the latest Lexus is a dream come true; however, they all hear the same rumors about owning a luxury car. The parts are expensive, the insurance is too high and they may even make your home a target for burglars if you leave your nice car parked out front. There are many things drivers don’t realize about owning a luxury car they only learn after they make the big purchase.

It’s Not Going to Break the Bank

A lot of people look to BMW performance vehicles and other luxury brands as a status symbol due to their high price tags. Many luxury brands have models that can set you back the same amount your family and friends may have spent to buy their houses. While it’s true these brands can be incredibly expensive, all luxury brands have cars at every price point. You can easily get a Lexus for the same price as a higher end Honda or Toyota. These models may not come with all the features you’re looking for, but it is possible to own a luxury car without paying a fortune.

Repairs Can Be Costly

Although you can get a reasonably priced luxury vehicle, you may find BMW service and repair costs much more than non-luxury brands. For example, something as simple as getting a replacement set of keys can become a pricier investment than you anticipated because most luxury brands require expensive laser cut keys. Batteries are more expensive as well. Normal car batteries usually run from $60 to $130. A low-end Mercedes battery will set owners back at least $350. Regular maintenance is also more expensive, which makes it even more important to find a luxury or BMW service and repair shop you can trust for regular maintenance.

Your Car Will Outlast Your Neighbor’s

Even with all the improvements in technology, luxury vehicles continue to outperform their less expensive counterparts. Sure, the newest Honda may have a fully loaded navigation system, back up camera and heated seats, but five years down the road, your basic BMW will still be a more efficient vehicle than the Honda. Why is that? Because owning a luxury import means driving a vehicle of higher quality and craftsmanship. Your car will need less luxury or BMW service and repair than an economy car because it is well made. Your interior, power train and engine will last longer, allowing you to go many years without purchasing another luxury car.

If you’re interested in owning a luxury import, make sure you have the best BMW service and repair shop by contacting us. Our professional technicians have experience with all luxury import brands.

Important BMW Service for Post-Winter Performance

important post winter maintenance autoscope 500x334 Important BMW Service for Post Winter Performance

Get proper BMW service after the winter weather disappears.

As winter gradually fades into another beautiful North Texas spring, many drivers will hit the road to enjoy warmer temperatures and sunny days. Many of these drivers may have prepared their vehicles for the challenges of winter driving, but it is also important to do some maintenance before your driving increases during the spring. Whether you’re heading across the country for spring break vacation or around the corner to your nearest hiking trail, we recommend doing some simple post-winter BMW service to keep your car in top shape.

Exterior BMW Service

In order to avoid spending more at your local BMW repair shop, it’s important to check the exterior of your car regularly. These exterior checks should include:

  • Wiper Blades: Your wiper blades are vital during spring rain storms. It is important to check your wiper blades regularly to ensure they are not cracked, torn or streaking. If your wiper blades look worn out or leave streaks on the windshield, it’s time for replacement.
  • Tires: Tire checks are an extremely important part of ensuring your car is safe to drive. Tire problems can cause accidents and highway blow outs, which could be disastrous, even at low speeds. The easiest way to check your tires is the penny test. Insert a penny into the tread. If you can see Lincoln’s head, you should head to your BMW repair shop to have them replaced. You should also regularly monitor your inflation levels and inspect each tire for uneven wear, bald spots, bulges and other abnormalities.
  • Paint: Even if your area didn’t see much ice and snow, you should give your car a good wash and check the paint for any dents or scratches. Ice, snow and the salt and sand used to de-ice streets can fly up and scratch your paint. Give your car a thorough inspection to catch any new scratches or chips.

BMW Repair Under the Hood

Your exterior is just a minor part of your BMW repair and service check. The most important inspections should happen under your hood, where you are likely to run into the most expensive problems.

  • Oil Change: If you haven’t had your oil changed since your winter tune up, it’s probably time to head to your BMW service center for a quick change to make sure your car is running its best.
  • Tune-Up: If your car has seen a few years and miles, you may be due for a tune-up. Your technician will check your battery, engine, powertrain control, fuel, ignition and emissions.
  • Fluids: During your winter driving, your fluids may have dropped below optimal levels. Make sure your oil, power steering, brake, transmission, wiper and antifreeze fluid levels are high enough.

Many drivers are diligent when preparing their cars for winter, but many skip important BMW repair after winter has come and gone. If you’re looking for a BMW repair shop to keep your BMW running at optimal performance, contact us. Our professional technicians have years of BMW maintenance experience.

BMW Performance Solutions for Your E60 550i

performance solutions for your e60 550i autoscope 500x334 BMW Performance Solutions for Your E60 550i

Dinan parts can improve your BMW performance.

Are you seeking peak BMW performance for your E60 550i? The full product line from Dinan performance parts can help you achieve the best performance output for your beloved vehicle.

BMW enthusiasts know Dinan is passionate for BMWs and BMW performance auto parts. The aftermarket parts manufacturer is dedicated to designing innovative products. Drivers looking to improve their BMW choose Dinan performance parts because their upgrades outclass competitors in the BMW aftermarket industry. Many customers who crave greater BMW performance and have specific upgrades in mind first look to Dinan because it is likely they can achieve it.

Here are a few ways you can use Dinan’s BMW performance auto parts for your E60 550i.

Improve Your Acceleration

One popular upgrade for factory BMWs is Dinan’s BMW performance software. A software upgrade can help you have an enjoyable driving experience, whether you’re just riding around town or you’re accelerating at wide open throttle. Dinan’s software upgrade offers your E60 550i an increased rev limiter and a performance gain of 33-hp and 28 lb-ft of torque.

Increase Your Power Output

You can use a Dinan exhaust system to increase your E60 550i’s power output. The exhaust upgrade reduces back pressure to improve your vehicle’s exhaust flow. An added benefit to upgrading your exhaust system is the aggressive sporty sound you get with hard acceleration. The exhaust system looks as good as it sounds because it is made of stainless steel and has black or polished tips. Dinan’s exhaust upgrade offers your E60 550i a performance gain of up to 6-hp and 5 lb-ft of torque.

Experience Better Handling

Many types of suspension upgrades only lower your vehicle’s ride height for looks. Dinan’s suspension systems mix function and form in order to offer much more than an upgraded appearance. Yes, you still get a lower stance; however, you also receive better cornering and a lower center of gravity. With an upgraded suspension system from Dinan, not only will your BMW look stunning, it will have better handling capable of performing on some of the top racing circuits in the world.

Bring Your Engine to Life

Experience the top-end power your BMW is capable of with a cold air intake upgrade from Dinan. Oxygen-rich air helps engines perform at their peak ability. The cold air intake upgrade gathers cooler air from outside the engine compartment and sends it directly to the engine at increased volumes, compared to your vehicle’s stock setup. Dinan’s cold air intake upgrade offers your E60 550i a performance gain of up to 18-hp and 15 lb-ft of torque.

If you are looking to upgrade your E60 550i with Dinan performance parts, contact us. Our mechanics know which Dinan parts are best for your BMW.

BMW’s New M4 Convertible Keeps You Warm in the Winter

bmw m4 autoscope 500x334 BMWs New M4 Convertible Keeps You Warm in the Winter

The newest convertible, the M4, offers incredible BMW performance.

Most people think convertible driving is for a warm, sunny day, when you can put the top down and let the wind blow through your hair. When you own a BMW M4, just about any day is a good day to go for a drive, even in the winter.

Keeps You Comfortable

The M4 will give you a true BMW performance experience. To enjoy winter convertible driving, you will need the optional Executive Package, which includes a heated steering wheel, a three-temperature neck warmer system, carbon ceramic brakes and adaptive suspension.

So it’s 40 degrees outside and you want to go for a drive in your M4. Start by allowing the three-piece retractable hardtop to quietly self-fold and disappear. Then, let the neck warmer do its job. The system pushes warm air from the vents, which are built into the front seats. The warm air hits your collar and keeps you comfortable, even at fast speeds on the highway.

Sure, other drivers may stare at you for riding in your convertible with the top down in freezing temperatures, but you know the vehicle is keeping you toasty warm.

Additional Features

The M4 offers many BMW performance autoparts and luxurious features, including the latest iDrive controller. The M package includes the M steering wheel, gearshift, a drilled aluminum footrest, 10-way power sport seats and illuminated sill plates. The fine upholstery inside the cabin is comprised of beige leather over black carbon-fiber trim.

Drive Like a Pro with BMW Performance

The M4 delivers under the hood as well, providing a driving experience everyone without an M4 will envy. The 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged engine provides 125 hp more than the comparable 435i coupe. The M4 offers torque levels that are 40 percent more than the previous model. Peak torque comes in at 406 lb-ft at 1,850 rpm and goes up to 5,500.

Transmission options include a seven-speed dual clutch and a six-speed manual. It takes 4.4 seconds to accelerate to 60 mph with the dual-clutch, and 4.2 seconds with the manual. You will feel like a pro driver when you use the automatic rev-matching on downshifts.

Worth the Price Tag

A full-featured M4 convertible with all of the bells and whistles to keep you warm for winter driving will cost more than $88,000. Five years ago, a similarly equipped version of the most recent predecessor, the M3, cost about $75,000. Thanks to depreciation, today, you can buy a lightly used M3 from an owner who kept up with BMW service for around $40,000.

However, it’s fairly safe to assume a high-performance car like this has been driven to its limits. In order to guarantee the BMW performance you desire, it is wise to buy new.

If you are in need of skilled BMW service, contact us. The experienced technicians at our independent BMW repair shop will ensure your vehicle receives the highest quality BMW performance autoparts.

BMW’s i3 Adds Style to Your Commute

bmw i3 autoscope 500x333 BMWs i3 Adds Style to Your Commute

BWW performance shines through in the BMW i3.

BMW’s new i3, an exotic luxury vehicle fueled by electricity and trimmed in recycled materials, is the newest way to add style to your eco-friendly commute. These electric i3s are built in a Leipzig plant that runs on wind generators. If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, BMW’s newest brain child is about as green as cars come.

BMW Performance

When it comes to BMW service, the i3 is comparable to most of the automaker’s other options. This new luxury car combines many of the luxuries and features you can find in other, more traditional options with added eco-friendly operation. The i3 not only looks great, it also allows the same BMW performance you can expect from their gas fueled models. The i3 is one of two models offered under the “I” sub-brand, along with the i8, a plug-in coupe.

The i3 performs best in the city due to its range and size. While it may look short, it actually offers plenty of space for hauling passengers or large items. It features four seats, along with a large cabin and trunk area. The BMW i3 also offers plenty of head room for taller passengers. The battery lasts an impressive average of 81 miles, more than enough to get your errands done around town.

BMW Service

Unlike BMW’s fuel powered vehicles, the i3 needs to be serviced at a reputable BMW service and repair shop due to its unusual engine and battery.  Many traditional repair shops may not know how to service the battery or engine in this specially designed electric BMW; however, BMW repair shops will know how to fix common problems and complete regularly scheduled maintenance.

Ideal Price Point

For such a luxurious electric car, the price point of only $43,000 is extremely affordable for many people looking to make the switch to a more responsible vehicle. Even with extra features, such as a range-extender, the MSRP of BMW’s i3 is only approximately $47,000. While it is still one of the most expensive hybrids and electric cars on the market, the luxury afforded by the BMW name makes the $43,000 price tag seem extremely affordable for those looking into a luxury brand electric car.

If you’re looking for BMW service and repair for your i3 or other luxury vehicle, contact us. Our professional mechanics will make sure your beautiful BMW lasts for years to come.