Increase Gas Mileage with Easy Mercedes Repair

increase gas mileage autoscope 500x342 Increase Gas Mileage with Easy Mercedes Repair

Mercedes repair can help you improve gas mileage.

Although gas prices have finally returned to a reasonable level, you may still be unhappy with how much your gas bill is cutting into your budget. While newer cars have plenty of gas-saving features, your older Mercedes may be guzzling fuel rather than sipping; however, you can use Mercedes repair services at your local independent auto repair shop in order to improve your gas mileage. These simple replacements can help you save at the pump.

Mass Air Flow Sensor

The mass air flow sensor is used to measure the air flow entering your engine. Sounds simple enough, right? This device is responsible for regulating the injection of fuel into your engine, ignition system and transmission. If this sensor is either broken or dirty, it cannot send the correct information to your fuel injection system, which could affect your fuel economy. Simple Mercedes service from your local shop can include a quick replacement of your mass air flow sensor, improving your gas use.

Oxygen Sensor

The oxygen sensor monitors the exhaust flow into and from the catalytic converter. It sends information to your engine’s computer, allowing it to adjust the amount of fuel injection. If this sensor isn’t working correctly, you could be using more gas than you need. Your local independent auto repair shop will likely recommend changing this sensor every 100,000 miles.

Spark Plugs

Your spark plugs ignite the mixture of air and fuel in your engine’s combustion chamber. Older spark plugs could result in less effective engine performance, while newer spark plugs can greatly improve performance and fuel economy. Your Mercedes repair technician can easily replace these parts.

Air Filter

The air filter is probably the easiest and cheapest way to increase your gas mileage. This filter cleans the air coming into your engine. While dirty filters get clogged and reduce fuel efficiency, a clean filter will keep your engine running effectively. Air filters should be changed often, and your independent auto repair shop is likely to recommend a new filter every time you come in for Mercedes service or oil changes.


Your tires are important when it comes to providing safe driving, as well as efficient gas usage. If your tires are out of shape or not inflated correctly, you could see a large reduction in your fuel economy. You should check your tires monthly to ensure they are in the best possible shape, not only to save on gas, but also to ensure safe commutes.

If you’re unhappy with your gas budget, an independent auto repair shop can help you make the little fixes needed to increase your fuel economy. For more savings at the pump, contact us. Our certified Mercedes repair technicians can make these simple swaps without voiding your dealer warranty.

What Happens During Your Texas State Inspection?

texas state inspection autoscope 500x334 What Happens During Your Texas State Inspection?

An independent auto repair shop will help you pass inspection.

In the state of Texas, vehicles must pass an official state safety inspection every year in order to legally drive on state roads. These inspections ensure every car on the road is fit to drive so your family stays safe during everyday commutes. It also allows drivers to discover and fix any problems they may not notice before they find themselves without a car and with a large repair bill. Your local independent auto repair shop can perform inspections and help you get your vehicle to pass inspection if there’s a problem.

What Do You Need?

In order to successfully complete the state inspection on your Mercedes SUV or car, your independent repair shop will need a few documents from you. It is important to have these with you when you go, or the technician will not legally be allowed to perform the inspection:

  • Proof of insurance: Any state insurance is acceptable, but please note liability insurance is required in Texas
  • Photo ID: This must be current and valid. Expired IDs are not accepted.
  • Payment: Type of payment depends on the Mercedes service shop performing your inspection. In Texas, you are required to pay the fee regardless of whether your vehicle passes or fails inspection.

What to Expect

Your Dallas independent repair shop is a convenient place to get your vehicle inspected. During the process, the technicians will perform several test to ensure your vehicle is road safe. Before the inspection begins, you will be asked to exit your vehicle. No passengers may remain inside your Mercedes SUV or sedan while the inspector is working. You will need to leave your keys inside the vehicle so the inspector may perform the necessary checks, and you may be asked to leave your proof of insurance and photo ID in the car as well.

Inspected Items

Some things your technician will inspect include:

  • Brakes
  • Horn
  • Windshield wipers
  • Rear and side mirrors
  • Seat belts
  • Steering system
  • Tires
  • Wheel assembly
  • Exhaust system
  • Beam indicator
  • Tail and stop lights
  • License plate light
  • Rear reflectors
  • Turn signals
  • Head lights
  • Vehicle identification number
  • Window tint
  • Gas caps

While this is not all your inspector will be looking for, it is recommended for drivers to take a look at these main components before getting their state inspection. After all, if you fail inspection for any of these reasons, you will still have to pay the inspection fee.

Common Reasons for Failure

Not all vehicles pass inspection every year. As your car ages, it becomes more likely you will need Mercedes repair and service in order to pass your yearly inspection. The most common reasons for failure are:

  • Damaged windshield wipers
  • Brake problems
  • Lights that need replacing
  • Parking brake issues
  • Worn tires

These may seem like small problems for your Mercedes SUV or car, but they can cause serious problems on the road and may lead to an accident. It is important these issues be repaired in order to ensure safe Texas roads. Should your vehicle fail inspection for any reason, your independent auto repair shop can fix these problems and get you back on the road safely.

If you’re ready to pass your state required inspection with flying colors, contact us. Our professional technicians can help you fix any problems with your Mercedes SUV, making your inspection easy and hassle-free.

Why Does Your Mercedes Need Regular Fluid Changes?

why does your mercedes need fluid changes autoscope 500x334 Why Does Your Mercedes Need Regular Fluid Changes?

Certain fluid changes should be part of your Mercedes service.

Changing the fluids on your Mercedes SUV or car may seem like a major hassle, but it’s a necessity to ensure your car operates at peak efficiency. While most car owners recognize the need for regular oil changes to keep the engine running well, there are other fluids that need your attention as well. Understanding why these fluids are so important will help you get the necessary Mercedes service and protect your vehicle from unwarranted damage.

Lubrication Is Key to Mercedes Service

Many of the components in your car or SUV require proper lubrication to ensure they operate correctly. The engine, transmission and other elements have a number of moving parts, many of which are made from metal. If the metal rubs together, it can cause friction and overheating, leading to serious damage to these components. The oil in your car, as well as other fluids, such as the transmission fluid, ensure these parts remain operational and don’t require expensive Mercedes repair.

Proper Function of Systems

Some components within your Mercedes SUV and car need specific fluids to ensure they operate the way they were intended. For instance, your brakes require proper fluid levels and pressure so you can stop as quickly as you need to. When these fluid levels get too low, your brakes become spongy and will lose their power. Your steering fluid does the same thing for your power steering. You will still be able to steer your car, but it will be more difficult to handle. Coolant is also important to make sure your engine stays within appropriate operating temperature ranges.

Maintain Visibility

Another important fluid to consider is your windshield washing fluid. Many car owners ignore the low windshield washing fluid light because they think it’s not necessary. However, if you find your windshield is full of bugs on a road trip or otherwise becomes dirty, making it difficult to see, you will be glad you have sufficient windshield washer fluid to keep your vision clear. Topping this fluid off at least once a month is a necessity.

Taking your car to an independent repair shop will ensure it gets the Mercedes service it needs so you can protect your investment and get the most out of your car. Ignoring this essential preventive maintenance on your Mercedes SUV or car can be tempting, but it’s a major mistake. Failing to keep up with your fluids can lead to deterioration of important components, improper functioning of your vehicle and less visibility when you drive.

If you need help with your Mercedes service and repair in Dallas, TX, contact us. We can provide the fluid services you need to keep your car running well.

5 Essential Mercedes Service Steps to Avoid Costly Repair

5 essential maintenance steps autoscope 500x334 5 Essential Mercedes Service Steps to Avoid Costly Repair

Proper Mercedes service can protect your investment.

You work hard to make sure your car runs well and you are taking the proper steps to protect your investment. However, many car owners ignore necessary Mercedes service that can reduce the amount of repairs you need to complete over time. While some repairs are unavoidable, with the help of an independent auto repair shop that uses Mercedes parts, you can take certain steps to save money on costly repairs.

Check Your Tires

Your tires have a major impact on the overall function of your car and how it runs. For this reason, you should routinely check for the proper air pressure. In addition to air pressure, make sure you monitor tread depth so you can replace your tires before they cause other damage to your car.

Keep the Air Filter Clean

Many car owners forget about the air filter. It’s often in an inconvenient location, which makes it difficult to remember to check regularly. However, if your air filter is clogged, it doesn’t allow the car to breathe. For those who do more stop and go driving, the air filter may need to be changed more often. Long commutes can also contribute to clogged filters.

Monitor the Exhaust System

The exhaust system is another important element in how your car operates. This makes it one of the most important Mercedes service needs. The muffler and catalytic converter can wear out or become clogged. When this happens, your engine may begin to lose power. For this reason, you should examine this system at least once a year and perform any necessary repairs to avoid long-term engine problems.

Change Fluids and Other Components Regularly

Your owner’s manual will detail which Mercedes parts need to be replaced on a regular basis. In addition to regularly scheduled oil changes and other fluid top-offs, you should check your manual regarding changing the following parts:

  • Spark plugs
  • Belts
  • Hoses
  • Battery

You should be able to change some of these components yourself, while others will require the help of an independent auto repair shop.

Drive Smarter

Wear and tear on your Mercedes can have an impact on how well it runs and how often it needs costly repairs. For this reason, you should exercise caution when driving to ensure you are fully protecting your investment. This includes avoiding fast acceleration and braking, not braking excessively and avoiding tailgating other cars. Better driving habits can also improve your gas mileage.

Mercedes service may feel like a hassle, but when you consider its ability to prevent costly repairs, you will see the value in protecting your investment. Repairing Mercedes vehicles can be expensive. When there are small things you can do regularly to prevent these repairs, you can lower your cost of ownership and ensure your car will last much longer.

If you’re looking for an independent repair shop in Dallas, TX, for your Mercedes, contact us. We can provide the quality Mercedes service you need to keep your car running well.

Will an Independent Repair Shop Void My Mercedes Warranty?

independent shops wont void warranties autoscope 500x375 Will an Independent Repair Shop Void My Mercedes Warranty?

Service at independent auto repair shops won’t void your warranty.

You rely on the warranty on your car to protect you if problems occur during a set period of time or within a specific number of miles. This is one of the biggest reasons many people turn to the dealership to handle their Mercedes repair and service. However, an independent auto repair shop that uses the same Mercedes parts should be able to do the same thing for less without voiding the warranty, right?

Dealership Is Only a Myth

When you purchased your new Mercedes, chances are you were told you needed to bring your vehicle back to the dealership for Mercedes repair and service or you would void the warranty. Fortunately, this isn’t the case. Just because you choose an independent auto repair shop doesn’t mean you won’t be able to make a claim against your warranty. In fact, because these shops are often certified to perform the work and use the same quality parts as the dealership, it won’t have an impact on the validity of your warranty at all. Most people void the warranty by doing the work themselves or having a friend or family member do it.

You Have Rights

In 1975, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act was passed. This act states that manufacturers can’t tell consumers where they must get warranty-related services and repairs completed. This means you have the right to choose whatever auto repair shop you want to perform the work. Unfortunately, many consumers still aren’t aware of what their rights are, which means they are spending more than necessary by taking their car to the dealership instead of an independent shop.

Be Cautious of Who You Choose

In order to avoid voiding your warranty, it’s important to make sure you choose an independent auto repair shop that uses certified Mercedes parts. If they aren’t using the right parts and equipment to perform the repairs or service, you are at risk of voiding your warranty. In addition to getting the same service and repairs, you will often get it for less than going to the dealership. Your car will be in great shape and you won’t have to worry about whether your car will be covered under the warranty if something else happens in the future.

When it comes to protecting your investment, you need to make sure your Mercedes warranty is intact for as long as possible. Because many dealerships often give consumers the impression they must come to the dealership for Mercedes repair and service, many car owners spend more money than necessary. Fortunately, you can save money by taking your vehicle for scheduled maintenance and repairs anywhere you can get certified Mercedes service, including independent repair shops.

If you’re looking for experienced Mercedes repair and service in Dallas, TX, contact us. We can provide the quality service you need for less than the dealership without voiding your warranty.