Important Signs It’s Time to Take Your Car to a BMW Repair Mechanic

signs take your bmw mechanic autoscope 500x333 Important Signs It’s Time to Take Your Car to a BMW Repair Mechanic

Learn the signs you need BMW repair.

Every car gives warning signs to alert drivers it’s time to seek professional help. The problem is many people either ignore the red flags or don’t realize they are there. Learning the signs of an impending need for BMW repair will help you take the proper steps to get the help you need. Taking your car to a BMW certified repair shop that uses genuine BMW parts will ensure your car continues to operate at peak efficiency.

Strange Engine Noises

Many car owners don’t pay close attention to what their engine sounds like when the vehicle is running; however, this can be a clear indicator your car needs a BMW certified repair shop. Engine trouble is often prefaced by a knocking or tapping noise you can hear if you listen closely. If you notice any of these changes in the sound of your running engine, a trip to the BMW repair shop is in order before the engine seizes and stops working altogether.

An Overheated Engine

Another common engine problem is overheating. Today’s cars are less likely to experience this problem as often as older models, but it’s still important to learn the signs so you can get help before the issue becomes more serious. Some of the common warning signs you shouldn’t ignore include:

  • Temperature gauge in the red
  • The smell of burning oil
  • Leaking fluid under the car
  • Power surges

Ignoring these symptoms can cause serious engine troubles that could have been resolved with a simple repair using BMW parts.

Poor Handling

The way your car drives can play a role in whether you take it to a BMW certified repair shop immediately. In many cases, vibrations, poor handling and squealing tires, even when you are moving at slow speeds, can all indicate tire troubles. Replacing your tires at a BMW repair shop will resolve this problem and greatly reduce your risk of getting involved in an accident. It can also improve your gas mileage.

Transmission Problems

The transmission can be one of the most expensive BMW parts to replace or repair. Paying attention to the way your car operates can give you a clear indicator of when you need help. If your car won’t go into gear, the gears slip, the check engine light comes on, transmission fluid is leaking or you have a delayed response when shifting, you could be on the verge of major transmission issues. A BMW certified repair shop can fix it before it becomes more serious.

Finding a repair shop that uses genuine BMW parts ensures you can get the repairs you need to keep your car operating like it should; however, it’s important to know when to take it in. Too many people wait until their car no longer works before taking it in for BMW repair. Learning these and other warning signs will ensure your car is operating as efficiently as possible.

If you are looking for an experience BMW repair shop to handle all of your issues, contact us. Our Dallas, TX, shop uses genuine BMW parts to make repairs in a fast, efficient manner.

BMW M Performance Parts Can Take Several Models to the Next Level

bigstock Bmw M 50258039 150x150 BMW M Performance Parts Can Take Several Models to the Next Level

BMW M performance parts can boost your car’s power.

BMW is a car brand known for its style, performance and luxury. Many owners invest in a BMW because it offers the speed, handling and acceleration they have always wanted in a vehicle. In addition to coming with factory-included high performance features, some drivers enjoy adding accessories and software upgrades to take their vehicle to the next level. With BMW M performance parts, it’s easy to turn your car into the driving machine of your dreams.

BMW Makes It Easy

BMW knows many of their customers choose their brand because they want a car that can handle being pushed to the next level. BMW M performance is a division of the company that focuses on tailoring their brand to the performance enthusiast. With M performance parts, it’s easy to get new parts and services to make your car drive the way you want. Some of these parts include better wheels, regularly updated engine software upgrades, exhaust systems and high flow mufflers. These require replacement of the original parts from your car in order to improve your drive.

New M Series Parts

BMW’s M performance parts division recently released several new options for owners looking to personalize their vehicle. Luckily, these choices are not just for M series vehicles. They will also work on the following models:

  • X5
  • X6
  • 135i
  • E9X 3-series

Owners of any of those series will be able to use the new BMW M performance line of upgrades and features.

Lots of Options

The new release includes many options for your performance needs. The new line includes:

  • Forged 20-inch aluminum wheels
  • Brembo big-brake kit with rear brake rotors
  • Carbon-fiber mirror caps
  • Black kidney grilles
  • Sport stripes
  • M performance steering wheels
  • Carbon-fiber shift knobs
  • 335i M performance exhaust
  • Interior trim sets made with either carbon-fiber or Alcantara

These options will allow BMW owners to improve and customize their existing vehicles using certified BMW M performance parts rather than those from a third party, which could affect their warranty. With the new line of parts from BMW, your warranty will not be affected by a change in parts or systems in your car.

If price is a consideration when you’re looking to improve your BMW, you truly get what you pay for with M performance parts. The prices for new parts range from as low as $130 to around $5,000. These parts come with the quality and assurance you get with the BMW brand.

The BMW M performance line offers many new options to help you customize your car. If you’re looking to add M performance parts to your BMW, contact us. Our experienced Dallas, TX, technicians can install and maintain your new investment.

BMW Offers the Best Performance Parts for Your Car

bigstock PARIS FRANCE SEPTEMBER 15650375 150x150 BMW Offers the Best Performance Parts for Your Car

BMW performance parts can help your car run better.

BMW is one of the world’s leading luxury car manufacturers. If you own a BMW or are thinking about becoming an owner, there are many BMW performance parts and upgrades available to enhance your driving experience. Some examples of performance options are software upgrades, faster engines and other enhancements. One option for improving your car is Dinan, a well-established vendor specializing in performance BMW parts and software. They offer many options for increasing the enjoyment of driving your car.

Software Upgrades

Dinan dealers offer many options if you want to improve your car’s performance and operation. One example is their new N55 engine upgrade. This software offers BMW owners a chance to enhance the function of their vehicle without needing additional parts or service. The N55 software upgrade creates a newly tuned engine that works better at all speeds under all road conditions. It includes a substantial power increase many cannot get without extensive engine work. Dinan engineers created this software to offer better drivability and higher levels of performance. The update also increases torque, which leads to higher levels of effective acceleration with no shift hesitation. Other benefits include better water pump function and faster cooling, ease of use and removal of top speed regulation.

No Down Time

Performance BMW parts can be expensive and may require your car to be in the repair shop for extended periods. With a simple software change, you can improve your car’s performance without much down time. Dinan dealers use your car’s existing diagnostic port. That means little to no down time is required in order to improve your car.


Many owners may be concerned about the installation of BMW performance parts and how they will affect their warranty. Dinan offers a four-year, 50,000 mile warranty similar to the manufacturer’s so you don’t have to worry about going to the dealership or paying out of pocket. They also offer free future software upgrades so if BMW releases a new one, you will be able to stay up to date.


Adding performance BMW parts can be costly. Fortunately, you can get the same level of performance improvement with software upgrades. Improvements, such as an engine overhaul, completely new parts and accessories, can add up quickly. It is easy to get the same benefits with a simple software change, which can turn your BMW into the high powered car of your dreams. Upgrades to your engine’s internal software cost a fraction of what you would spend to add new parts, while giving you the same speed and power boosts you want from your car.

If you are ready to take your BMW to the next level, contact us. Our experienced service technicians in Dallas, TX, are your one stop source for all of your BMW performance parts needs.

The Types of Service BMW Owners Can Expect

bigstock Samara Russia June 66337435 150x150 The Types of Service BMW Owners Can Expect

Your car requires specific BMW service at various stages.

BMW is one of the top luxury car brands in the world. Many new and existing owners may wonder what type of BMW service and repairs they can expect to have during their car’s lifetime. The truth is, regular maintenance and scheduled maintenance are essential in order to keep your vehicle operating well into its later years and can keep other types of repairs to a minimum.

Regular Maintenance

In order to prevent costly repairs and save your car from damage, it is important to keep up with basic, regular service. Oil changes, tire rotations and fluid changes are important to keep your car working optimally. This type of upkeep can prevent or delay ordinary wear and tear, allowing your BMW to run as you expect. BMW service, such as regular oil changes, keep your engine and other essential car parts from breaking down or wearing out as quickly. They can also prevent you from spending a large sum of money on things like engine service or keep you from getting into an accident because your tires were not properly rotated.

BMW recommends you change your engine oil and cabin filter every 15,000 miles or once a year. Of course, you can also replace your oil more often in order to keep the fluid clean of grime and build up. Make sure you are using 5W-30 synthetic oil when you go in for an oil change. Using the wrong oil could also damage your engine. Simply using the right parts, oil and fluids can significantly improve the mileage and life of your car. BMW service is a great way to keep your car from costing you a fortune and help you get the most out of your vehicle.

Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance is another way to keep your car functioning, even when it has many miles on it. You can check your owner’s manual or ask your BMW service and repairs technician for a comprehensive list of the manufacture’s recommended scheduled service. Some of the recommendations are:

  • Engine intake air filter replacement at 50,000 miles
  • Transmission service, spark plug replacement and oxygen replacement at 100,000 miles
  • Brake fluid flush every other year

Ignoring these simple, less costly BMW service and repairs can easily add up over time, leaving you with a large repair shop bill.

Regular and scheduled BMW service and repairs are essential for improving the life of your car. Many people have busy, hectic lives but avoiding or forgetting these basic BMW service could cost you in the long run and potentially leave you without a vehicle.

For a comprehensive check plus routine and scheduled BMW service, contact us. Our highly skilled and experienced technicians in Dallas, Texas, can help you keep your vehicle running great for many years to come. We are happy to help with your BMW service and repair needs.

What Are the Top Tips for BMW Car Care?

bigstock Start Key Of Bmw Li E 63683683 150x150 What Are the Top Tips for BMW Car Care?

The proper BMW car care protects your investment.

Buying a BMW is a thrilling experience for anyone who loves luxury cars; however, once you make the decision to buy this type of vehicle, you need to know about proper BMW car care. After you bring your new car home, the overall care of your luxury vehicle is important. These tips can help you take excellent care of your new BMW.

Wash under Your Car

Most drivers understand the importance of washing the exterior of their car to remove dirt and other potentially damaging elements from the surface; however, they often forget about the underside of the car. The bottom of your vehicle is exposed to tar, road debris and plenty of dirt, making it necessary to wash these components on a regular basis. All you need to do is hose down the underside of the car, including the insides of the wheels, to remove as much dirt and debris as possible.

Vacuum inside the Vehicle

In addition to focusing on the exterior of the car, it is also important to vacuum out the interior. Even if you pick up the big pieces, dust, dirt and other small debris can settle into the cracks and could even potentially make certain features difficult to operate. Keeping your vehicle clean inside and out is an important part of quality BMW car care.

Check under the Hood

Even if you aren’t sure how to fix anything under the hood, checking a few simple things can help you determine if you need BMW service. For instance, you should be able to identify if hoses are cracking or weakening so you can replace them before they become a more serious problem. You can also check fluid levels and belts to help you avoid problems that put your BMW in the repair shop for longer periods of time.

Clean it Out

Some people use their vehicle like extra storage. This becomes a problem when   junk builds up in the car. The extra weight can have a negative impact on your gas mileage. Once a week, you should go through the items in your trunk and backseat and remove anything you don’t need in the immediate future. This will keep the car’s weight down.

Proper BMW car care will ensure your car lasts as long as possible. Many people simply drive their cars without any thought about the details that keep their car in top-notch condition. Protect your investment and potentially cut down on trips to the repair shop for BMW service by properly cleaning your car, checking under the hood and removing unnecessary items.

If you need BMW service beyond what you can handle, contact us. Autoscope Foreign Car Care in Dallas, TX, specializes in BMW service and repair.