BMW’s X5 Sports Activity Vehicle Is Designed for Excellence

bmwx5 sports activity vehicle autoscope1 BMW’s X5 Sports Activity Vehicle Is Designed for Excellence

BMW performance auto parts make the BMW X5 ideal.

If you’re shopping for a luxury SUV with three rows and BMW Performance auto parts, you may want to put the 2014 BMW X5 on your list. Many buyers turn to BMW for quality materials and top-notch workmanship, all of which is evident in the X5. The BMW X5 Performance accessories help to set it apart from the competition and make for an enjoyable ride in many types of terrain.

Sporty Exterior

The available BMW X5 Performance parts are easily noticed on the car’s exterior. The vehicle incorporates unique touches like a front splitter, decorative black grid on the BMW kidney grille and carbon outside mirror caps. Side sill foils with the M Performance inscription, a diffuser insert for the rear apron and air ducting elements finalize the sporty exterior.

Refreshed Interior

The revamped “Sport Activity Vehicle,” as BMW calls it, offers a refreshed interior with a dashboard that has been relocated forward. The vehicle features a premium sound system, which can easily be heard over road and wind noise.

BMW M Performance parts inside the vehicle also help give it a more athletic look. Interior selections include a gear lever with carbon surface, sports steering wheel featuring a distinctive red marking at its center, floor mats and an accelerator, driver footrest and brake pedal constructed of high-grade steel. The vehicle also features a BMW M Performance brake system, complete with blue brake calipers and bi-color light alloy wheels measuring 21 inches.

Under the Hood

Options under the hood consist of a 255-horsepower, 3.0-liter turbo diesel, a 445-horsepower, 4.4-liter twin-turbo V-8 and 300-horsepower 3.0-liter gasoline. The three engines are connected to an eight-speed automatic transmission. Both real-wheel drive and all-wheel drive are available. Should you select the BMW X5 xDrive35i, consider adding the BMW M Performance Power Kit, which provides additional output but does not impact how much fuel is consumed.

Smooth Handling

The X5 also excels at handling. In the mountains, the X5 will behave more like a sports sedan than a trail cruiser. The optional active anti-roll bars and rear air-suspension helps keep cornering under control. Unlike some competitors, the X5 has a stability control that works with you when you approach the limits. It feels like a sedan when you’re changing directions.

New car shoppers with discerning taste should carefully consider the 2014 BMW X5. The included BMW M performance line of upgrades offers several options to personalize your vehicle and tailor it to your unique style.

If you are looking for more information on BMW M Performance parts, contact us. Our Dallas, TX, shop has knowledgeable, independent BMW technicians who understand the appeal of BMW Performance auto parts.

BMW M3’s Lightweight Construction Design Has Evolved For A Precision Drive

bmw m3 lightweight construction autoscope BMW M3’s Lightweight Construction Design Has Evolved For A Precision Drive

BMW M3 performance is enhanced with lightweight construction.

BMW is helping lead the way in precision driving with its lightweight vehicle construction and new BMW M3 Performance exhaust system.

Intelligent Lightweight Concept Theme

As a driving enthusiast, you may have noticed the company is incorporating additional lightweight BMW M Performance parts and components with new productions of the M3.

The company’s intelligent lightweight concept theme was first employed in the BMW M3 CSL. This vehicle had a roof crafted from carbon fiber reinforced plastic, also known as CFRP. The front axle anti-roll bar is an example of the extremely light chassis components BMW utilized for this vehicle.

Additional examples of lightweight components include the aluminum control arm of the BMW M3 EVO and the aluminum doors of the BMW M3 Coupe E36 upgrade. Lightweight elements were also included in the past BMW M3 models. The company incorporated the CFRP roof and added new parts, including front side panels and an aluminum bonnet.

The company’s goal is to create components that weigh less than the typical BMW model, although BMW M3’s earlier generation still weighed 60 kg more than a BMW 335i.

The lightweight construction does not come at a cost of compromised vehicle performance. Some parts, such as a rear axle differential with locking control and power generation, weigh more than the corresponding parts of the basic BMW vehicle. Components, such as a carbon fiber SMC boot lid, precision strut in the engine compartment and driveshaft, have helped take 100 kg off the vehicle’s weight. This balances the added weight of other parts.

BMW M3 Performance Exhaust System

The M Performance exhaust system is available as an accessory for the BMW M3 Coupe, Sedan and Convertible. It is created from Inconel®, a heat-resistant and lightweight chrome-nickel alloy.

The benefits of the new flow-optimized exhaust system mean reduced exhaust back pressure and a more powerful sound from the M3’s 414 horsepower V8 engine. Tubing thickness has been reduced from 1.5mm to 0.8mm thanks to Inconel’s unique qualities. When compared to the stock exhaust system, it weighs 20 lbs. less.

Together the lightweight concept and new BMW M3 Performance exhaust system keep BMW ahead of the curve when it comes to the style and performance consumers expect. If the driver accelerates, the car immediately goes faster. Ultimately, the car responds with precision, whether on the highway or the race track, meeting the BMW M3 performance expectations drivers demand.

If you want to learn more about BMW M Performance parts and lightweight construction, contact us. Our Dallas, TX, shop has independent BMW technicians who know the ins-and-outs of BMW auto parts and repair.

Dinan Engineering Optimizes BMW Performance

dinan engineering autoscope Dinan Engineering Optimizes BMW Performance

Dinan cars are known for their optimal performance.

Even though BMW is known as the “ultimate driving machine,” it’s the performance parts you use that transform it into something special. Dinan Engineering manufactures one of the top lines in BMW performance parts, giving car owners the ability to improve their car’s performance. Dinan cars go fast and operate more efficiently. Learning how to improve your BMW into a Dinan 335i will send you searching for Dinan dealers.

The Industry Standard in Aftermarket Parts

Dinan dealers offer the industry standard in aftermarket parts. Steve Dinan, the head of Dinan Engineering, has loved fast cars and BMW for most of his life. Even though BMWs aren’t the fastest cars available on the market, they are known for being incredibly responsive with great handling. This provides the ultimate driving experience. Those who drive Dinan cars, such as the Dinan 335i, can expect only the smoothest ride on the road.

The Auto Parts You Need

As you work on transforming your BMW in a Dinan car, you need to determine which aspects of your car’s performance you want to improve. Some people wish to change everything, while others have specific functions in mind. For instance, by installing a custom exhaust system on your car, you can greatly improve its power. While BMW is engineered with performance and style in mind, there are ways you can improve upon that performance. Many people aren’t aware of the amount of power under their hood until they visit Dinan dealers and install the right aftermarket parts.

Software Upgrades

Today’s cars require more than physical parts to keep them operating at peak efficiency. If you want to get the most out of your performance BMW, software upgrades are necessary to tap into your car’s true power. For instance, taking a BMW 335i and turning into a Dinan 335i will create a powerful machine that moves faster and responds to your every move. Most people don’t think about the need to upgrade software on their car like they would on their home computer or a smartphone; however, today’s BMWs have intricate computers that need your attention if you want to increase the power and responsiveness of your car.

Have you always wanted a Dinan 335i? With the right parts, Dinan dealers can transform average BMWs into Dinan cars. These cars use the highest quality in aftermarket parts and ensure car owners can get the most out of their vehicles. Dinan is the leader when it comes to BMW aftermarket parts. Therefore, it makes sense to turn to them when you want to improve the performance of your car.

If you are interested in installing Dinan parts on your BMW, contact us. We can provide the help you require to improve your car’s performance.

The BMW328i Has Been Honored As the Best Sports Sedan of 2014

bmw328i best sports sedan autoscope The BMW328i Has Been Honored As the Best Sports Sedan of 2014

The BMW328i is recognized for its performance and aesthetics.

The design team at BMW has done it again. The BMW328i performance car is part of the BMW 3 series of performance vehicles and has been honored as the Best Sports Sedan of 2014 by a major consumer research magazine. This recognition shows prospective car owners the power of this vehicle and its quality, particularly with the use of BMW performance auto parts, giving consumers peace of mind in the stability of their new car.

The Same Look

BMW has recognized the attraction to their exterior design and has chosen to stay true to their BMW 3 series performance vehicles by keeping the exterior the same as generations of BMW drivers have enjoyed. The BMW328i performance design features a long sloping front end with kidney-shaped grills, a lower air dam and deeply etched lines for a sporty look. The car is designed with a low center of gravity for visual appeal and improved performance. Packed with BMW performance auto parts, consumers love the way this car gets around.

The Interior Is Stellar Too

While the exterior is what most people notice about the BMW 3 series performance cars, the interior speaks for itself. The BMW328i features a roomy interior, unlike the inside of many other sports cars. The power adjustable seats help drivers and passengers find the most comfortable positioning possible for a luxurious ride. The wood trim offers a classic feel to the car without interrupting the modern touches. The car also features the latest in technology, including a 6.5 inch display equipped with Bluetooth technology and a premium audio package.

A Strict Set of Standards

When it comes to BMW328i performance, this vehicle had to meet a strict set of standards in order to achieve this honor. When the consumer report magazine evaluates the cars in the running for this award, they are looking at a number of factors, including:

  • Safety
  • Reliability
  • Performance

BMW has a long history of meeting these demands and shows they are still putting their customers first.

If you are in the market for a new car, you want one that looks great and outperforms any other. Choosing the BMW328i performance vehicle can give you everything you want in a car and more. This car is packed with BMW performance auto parts to ensure it meets or exceeds the standards out on the road today. With all of its performance features, in addition to its reliability, safety and visual appeal, the BMW328i is the best sports sedan available on the market.

If you need someone to provide the BMW performance auto parts your car needs to keep it running efficiently, contact us. Our Dallas, TX, repair shop can help with BMW328i maintenance and repairs.

With Fall in the Air, Be Sure Your Performance BMW Is Road Ready

fall in the air autoscope 500x333 With Fall in the Air, Be Sure Your Performance BMW Is Road Ready

With fall in the air, your performance BMW needs attention.

The weather is getting cooler, which means it’s time to think about whether your car is ready for the approaching winter months. Even though a performance BMW can operate throughout the year, there are certain steps you should take in the fall to ensure it’s ready for falling temperatures. Waiting until after the cold weather arrives to discover a problem can spell disaster and result in higher repair bills.

Check the Tires

Your tires are one of the most important components when dealing with slick roads, even with a BMW performance package. Moisture and ice can collect on the road, creating a slippery surface. If your tires don’t have traction because of worn tread, you may not be able to stop and could experience slipping and sliding during routine driving. Make sure you have sufficient tread on your tires before the fall season.

Inspect Your Wiper Blades

Many wiper blades are made from plastic and rubber, which can warp in the heat of the summer. Once fall and winter arrive, these BMW performance parts won’t fully clean your windshield so you can see well during precipitation, whether it’s raining or snow falling. In most cases, you should replace your wiper blades annually. The fall is a great time to complete this task.

Evaluate You Brakes

Fall is the ideal time to check the brake components in our BMW performance package. A wet road and the presence of fallen leaves can both cause problems with stopping. If your brakes aren’t in great condition, you could experience handling problems, potentially leading to an accident. Taking your performance BMW to a repair shop to check the brakes can help you avoid these issues. As long as you use BMW performance parts to replace your brake components, you can feel confident in your car’s stopping power.

Clean It Up

In addition to checking these important car components, your performance BMW requires a thorough cleaning to ensure it operates well during the fall and winter months. Making sure your windows are clean is one of the most important aspects of this task. At this time of year, the sun is often lower in the sky, causing glare on dirty or streaked windows. Keeping the inside and outside of your windshield and other windows clean will ensure clear vision at all times of the day.

Taking good care of your performance BMW is a necessity throughout the year; however, as the cold weather approaches, it’s essential to make sure your car is ready. The cold weather and slick roads can quickly become dangerous. If your car isn’t operating at peak efficiency at this time of year, you increase the risk of getting involved in an accident or experiencing mechanical difficulties. Checking these and other components and replacing any worn BMW performance parts will ensure your car is ready for anything Mother Nature can deliver.

If you are looking for an experienced BMW performance repair shop, contact us. Our experienced Dallas, TX, technicians are ready to help you get your car ready for the colder weather.