The New BMW 7 Series Will Blow You Away

the 7 series will blow you away autoscope 500x334 The New BMW 7 Series Will Blow You Away

The new BMW 7 Series requires proper BMW service.

Each year, BMW strives to outperform their previous year’s models. They spend a lot of time, money and energy researching ways to improve upon their existing models and finding better ways to optimize BMW performance. The new BMW 7 Series cars will outshine their predecessors, giving drivers the performance they are looking for in a design that exudes style and elegance.

A Clutter-Free Panel

With all the gadgets added to cars today, it’s easy for car manufacturers to inadvertently create a cluttered feel. This can make it difficult to identify when you need BMW service or when it’s something else trying to capture your attention. The good news is the 7 Series features a clutter-free design you can appreciate. The instrument panel reflects all of the improvements recently made by BMW in each one of their models, with digital gauges that show in heads-up and night-vision displays. The vehicle also features blind spot detection with an unobtrusive flicker on your mirror, as well as an effective navigation system to help you get where you’re going. Your new 7 Series will engage you and eliminate many of the annoyances found in other makes and models.

Optimal Performance with BMW Service

One of the reasons people choose BMW is performance. The new 7 Series cars offer the same incredible performance options for which BMW is known. This car has been tested in a number of environments and promises to offer pristine handling, despite the changing road conditions. This car is a bit heavier than some of its competitors, but this makes it a great choice for those who prefer handling over a soft, serene ride.

It Looks Great Too

When it comes to some makes and models, you have to choose between performance and looks. With the BMW 7 Series, you can have both. This car is about 10 inches longer than coupes and other cars in its class. The car may not be sporty, but it offers a sleek design many drivers appreciate, including an athletic body, signature kidney grilles and angled headlights. This car is dressed to impress! On the interior, the 7 Series boasts plenty of room for both the driver and front and back passengers.

If BMW performance is important to you, the 7 Series offers everything you want in a vehicle at a reasonable price. This car is packed with the latest features from BMW and offers a beautiful design luxury drivers want in their next car.

If you have a BMW 7 Series car and need BMW repair or service, contact us. Our Dallas auto repair shop has the experience necessary to handle all of your car’s needs.

BMW Performance Highlights: Chicago Auto Show

bmw highlights chicago autoshow autoscope 500x332 BMW Performance Highlights: Chicago Auto Show

The latest BMW performance cars appeared at the Chicago Auto Show.

The Chicago Auto Show is one of the premier auto shows in the country, dating back to 1901. As the largest auto show in North America, it’s the ideal place for BMW performance to show off their latest and greatest vehicles. The 107th show ran from February 14 until February 22, 2015, giving attendees a glimpse into the current and future car trends, including the best performance BMW parts and services.

The BMW Production Line

BMW takes great pride in keeping up with and starting new trends to ensure their customers get the vehicles they want. At the Chicago Auto Show, BMW was proud to show off its latest generation of cars that showcase the best of BMW performance. Some of the most notable appearances included:

  • i3 – The i3 electric car began selling in early 2014, giving Americans the opportunity to purchase the latest 2015 models, which feature the 100 percent aluminum Drive Module, five-link rear suspension and lithium ion battery.
  • i8 – The i8 is BMW’s hybrid car that provides all the advantages of a gas-powered vehicle combined with eco-friendly electric options. In fact, this vehicle is capable of achieving up to 94 miles per gallon.
  • Z4 – For those who are looking for a sporty vehicle, the BMW Z4 Roadster is an updated version of the Z1. This car approaches 60 miles per hour in just 4.8 seconds. This car can be upgraded with the M Sport Package.
  • 7 Series – The BMW 7 Series is the latest addition to use the BMW Advanced Diesel technology. This car features an 8-speed automatic transmission. The 7 Series also features a hybrid model.


BMW Debut Vehicles

In addition to their current production line, BMW also showcased their newest models for the upcoming year at this auto show. This year, BMW brought three new vehicles to the Chicago Auto Show:

  • X4 – This Sports Activity Coupe is a mid-size vehicle with a stylish exterior. The vehicle also features a power tailgate, sport-style steering, a leather sport steering wheel, all-wheel drive and sporty suspension.
  • X5 M – The X5 M is a second-generation sport activity vehicle designed to combine BMW performance with all-wheel drive. Its Turbo V-8 consumes 20 percent less fuel and produces 20 percent fewer CO2 emissions. Some of the standard equipment includes a Harmon Kardon surround sound system, rear-view camera, four-zone automatic climate control and alarm system.
  • X6 M – The X6 M is another second-generation sport activity vehicle with 19-inch alloy wheels, Xenon headlamps, leather trim and two-zone climate control. The intelligent all-wheel drive has cut fuel consumption by 22 percent.


The Chicago Auto Show is the first show of the season that gives manufacturers the opportunity to display their current models, as well as their newest releases and prototypes. Along with the latest in BWM performance parts, BMW has once again shown car enthusiasts the value their line of luxury vehicles has to offer.

If you own a performance BMW and require BMW service, contact us. Our Dallas auto repair shop offers the services you need to keep your BMW running well.

BMW Performance Takes on Tesla with the i5/i7

bmw to take on tesla autoscope 500x373 BMW Performance Takes on Tesla with the i5/i7

BMW performance plans to take on Tesla.

The Tesla Model S is known for its performance. With an incredibly quick 0-60 time and almost 1-g of acceleration, Tesla has created what is probably the most luxurious electric car on the market. This, along with its quick production, is causing concerns for other luxury brands, such as BMW. This increased competition in the electric vehicle market is causing many luxury brands to spend more time and money developing and producing hybrids to compete with Tesla’s wildly popular electric sedans.

BMW Performance Hybrids

BMW’s line of plug-in and electric vehicles currently includes the i8 plug-in hybrid and the i3 electric car. In order to stay viable in the electric car market, BMW is rumored to be in the process of developing their own luxury hybrid crossover in order to compete with Tesla’s current hold on the luxury electric market.

BMW’s Future Plans

According to CAR magazine, BMW is preparing a new plug-in for 2018 based on its 5-series platform. This new BMW performance hybrid is planned to have an output of approximately 400 kilowatts, front wheel drive, a four-cylinder electric engine and a 245 horsepower gasoline engine. This new car is designed to function primarily as an electric vehicle and include a range-extender for long distance travel. It should last around 80 miles per charge in electric mode. The gasoline operation will operate only at speeds exceeding 40 mph.


Some speculation disagrees that this new hybrid will be enough to put BMW performance in competition with Tesla because the car will still rely on gasoline above certain speeds. Tesla’s sedan also offers a whopping 250 miles per charge against BMW’s 80. In order to effectively compete with Tesla, performance BMW vehicles are going to need to ditch the gas and go farther on one charge.

Regardless of whether this new performance BMW hybrid can steal business from Tesla, a plug-in BMW is going to be a luxury of its own. With their attention to quality design and BMW service, this new addition to the BMW family is sure to bring class and style into the ever-changing eco-friendly market.

If you’re looking for excellent BMW service, contact us. Our expert technicians in Dallas will keep your luxury import maintained and running for many years to come.

A Look at BMW’s Smallest Coupe

a look inside bmws smallest coupe autoscope 500x334 A Look at BMWs Smallest Coupe

The 228i offers incredible BMW performance.

The BMW performance line features a wide variety of options in terms of size, style and luxury. Included in this line of high-class vehicles is the 228i, BMW’s smallest and sportiest coupe. This powerful BMW coupe starts at around $33,000 for a basic model and will cost almost $49,000 fully loaded. It features a four-cylinder engine and four drive modes: Eco Pro, Sport, Sport Plus or Comfort.

BMW Performance

The most important function of the 228i comes with its selection of drive modes. Making the switch to Eco Pro decreases the throttle in order to increase fuel economy. In Eco Pro, the transmission works to keep revs low as it pushes into high gears. Although this drive mode may slightly decrease performance in exchange for increased gas mileage, it still accelerates with ease to keep commuters ahead of the pack. This mode, along with the three other options, features an automatic engine stop-start function, which allows the engine to stop and reawaken in order to further save gas.

Sport and Sport Plus modes allow this performance BMW coupe to shine. These modes increase engine response, giving this coupe a sportier edge when you need it. With the BMW performance dynamic handling or M sport packages, performance will increase more with a tighter suspension for better handling. BMW service for the 228i is essential to keep this small coupe’s sports modes working their best with regular maintenance.

BMW Safety

Along with all other BMW Series 2 models, the 228i coupe comes with standard antilock brakes, brake drying and standby features. It also comes with traction and stability control, making Sport and Sport Plus modes even easier and more comfortable to control. For manual transmission vehicles, hill-start assist comes standard. Front-seat side airbags, full side curtain airbags and knee airbags also increase safety for this performance BMW coupe. For added safety and convenience, parking sensors, a rearview camera, a lane departure warning system and frontal collision system are optional features. The 228i also comes with standard automatic collision notification and SOS button features.

Interior Features

The 228i coupe features BMW’s quality materials and design. The controls are easy to use, read and are easily accessible during your drive. With easily adjustable seats, drivers of all heights and sizes can find the perfect seat position.

The 228i comes with either leather or SensaTec synthetic leather interiors. The SensaTec synthetic seats look and feel like the real thing and keep drivers and passengers comfortable, even during long trips. The back seat is tighter due to the already small size of the coupe, but the front seat offers plenty of legroom for an additional passenger.

If you have a sporty new 228i and are looking for the best in BMW service, contact us. Our expert technicians can keep your coupe looking and running great for years to come.

BMW Performance: Prepare Your Car for Spring Getaways

prepare your car for spring road trips autoscope 500x333 BMW Performance: Prepare Your Car for Spring Getaways

Check on your BMW performance before your road trip.

With the arrival of spring, warm weather and family vacations, you may be ready to hit the road in the coming months; however, you need to make sure your luxury import is ready to make the long journey with you. Before you load up your bags, head to your BMW service shop for these regular maintenance checks.

Basic Checkup

First, you’ll need to have your BMW repair shop perform a basic maintenance check up on your vehicle before you plan a lengthy trip. This includes regular maintenance, such as checking fluids, oil changes, tune ups, tire rotations and other required services. These little checks will make sure you don’t run out of wiper fluid in a dusty desert town.


Because your battery lasts several years, you may not remember when you replaced it last. In fact, it may be way past its normal life expectancy, which could leave you stranded in the middle of your trip. Your BMW service center will be able to check and clean your battery before you go.


Your tires are important for everyday driving and even more crucial during long road trips. Since you may be doing more highway driving than usual, its critical to make sure your tires are in the best shape to prevent disastrous blow outs. Worn tires can also affect your BMW performance by lowering your gas mileage. Check for tears or bulges in your tires and make sure they are properly inflated. If you haven’t had your tires rotated in a while, visit your BMW repair shop to keep them in the best shape for your trip.


The farther you drive, the more you’ll be hitting the brakes. Even if your car is brand new, make sure the brakes are in working order before you go for a long drive. Your BMW service shop can check your brakes and make any necessary repairs or adjustments to keep your family safe during vacation.


No one knows when an emergency will happen, and it is important to be prepared for anything during your long car ride. Keeping an emergency kit will ensure your family is safe and comfortable in case of a break down, blow out or even an accident. Keeping things, such as flashlights, blankets, food and water, on hand will keep your family calm and safe should something happen. Look for our emergency kit planning guide this month.

If you’re looking for a BMW performance and repair shop to help you plan your next road trip, contact us. Our professional technicians will make sure your BMW is ready to go so you can relax and enjoy the drive!