Want To Divorce The BMW Dealer Service Department?

There’s a well-known relationship principle which simply advises those in relatively healthy relationships not to abandon their current relationship–which meets about 80 percent of their needs–in search of an alluring relationship that provides only 20 percent of what the individual is looking for. And while the 80-20 rule could be as relevant to economic pursuits as it is to relationships, it can also apply to the relationship vehicle owners have with the BMW service department.

The truth is, many luxury car owners would love to find an alternative to the dealership BMW service department, but are often nervous that leaving the dealer’s BMW service department also means leaving behind competence and quality–a really expensive mistake. But AutoScope is a different type of independent BMW repair facility… one that you can place confidence in.

Following are five great reasons to divorce the dealer service department in favor of having your BMW service in Dallas performed at AutoScope.

36-Month Warranty: AutoScope stands behind the work performed at their facility. For most services performed by their Certified Master Technicians, owners receive a full 36-Month Warranty–unheard of at other independent facilities. In fact, the 36-Month Warranty exceeds the warranty offered by most area BMW dealerships.

High Quality OEM PartsSubstituting your BMW manufactured parts for cheaper (and lower quality) parts is often the fastest track to unreliable and short-lived repairs. That’s why AutoScope insists on using only the highest quality OEM parts when servicing your vehicle.

Certified Master TechniciansThe decision surrounding who works on your BMW matters, and no one knows that better than the Certified Master Technicians at AutoScope. AutoScope’s technicians are well-trained, experienced and certified. Simply put–these technicians know the inner workings of the BMW; further, they have worked with BMW owners for years, understanding the owner’s love for the performance of the vehicle and the discriminating tastes BMW owners have. AutoScope has earned a solid reputation for outstanding BMW service in Dallas, TX.

Accurate EstimatesBecause AutoScope’s technician’s are both experienced and competent, they are fully capable of diagnosing the challenge and responding quickly. The up-front estimates from AutoScope are fast, friendly and fair. Your trust is exceptionally important to us.

Nitrogen TiresNitrogen tires essentially improves fuel efficiency, extend the life of the tires and reduces the chances of having a blowout.

Beyond these features, AutoScope offers a free pick-up and drop-off service and provides waiting customers with fresh espresso and coffee. By this–along with the other service AutoScope’s customers expect–BMW owners can easily and confidently divorce the dealership service center in favor of top-quality, efficient and effective service.

Why women love guys in BMW Convertibles

To win the girl of your dreams you need to have impeccable character, a sense of humor, and it doesn’t hurt to have a BMW—specifically a convertible. Let’s face it, girls want a man with certain characteristics, and BMW owners embody many of them. Why is it that women love guys in BMW convertibles?

  • A guy who buys a BMW is a guy who is successful. This is a very attractive quality! A 2005 BMW 6 series, for instance, boasts a price tag that ranges from $69,900- $76,900, so a man driving a car like that obviously has a good, steady paycheck. Be warned: once a woman sees you in a ride like that, she’s going to expect to be wined and dined in high style!
Why women love guys in BMW Convertibles 1 500x375 Why women love guys in BMW Convertibles

Why women love guys in BMW Convertibles

Image from the BMW Blog

  • Driving a BMW convertible shows that you know how to have fun. With a top speed of 149 mph, the BMW 6 Series is not for the faint of heart, but it’s perfect for a man who likes the thrill of the open road! It’s roomy, too, so a girl doesn’t need to feel cramped when she’s riding shotgun.
Why women love guys in BMW Convertibles 2 500x375 Why women love guys in BMW Convertibles

Why women love guys in BMW Convertibles

Image from Tuning News

  • A woman who loves a guy with a BMW convertible gets to ride in it! This, in truth, may be the biggest draw of all. What woman can resist the sun on her face, the wind in her hair, and the feeling of freedom as the open road stretches out in front of her? Even if she’s not entirely sold on the guy, she knows that if she commits, he might even let her drive it.

Why women love guys in BMW Convertibles 3 500x300 Why women love guys in BMW Convertibles

Image from Auto Blog

Women love men who treat them with respect, show them a good time, and are well respected in the world. That’s why a man in a BMW is such a draw! A man in a BMW convertible represents stability, luxury, and fun—all in one attractive package. If this sounds like you, go for a Beemer! Once you do, trust the professionals at Autoscope to help you care for it. For more information on BMW maintenance or other foreign car care tips, visit us at autoscope.co or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!

BMW Enters New Era of Smart Mobility

BMW Enters New Era of Smart Mobility

In the last few years, BMW has made great strides in offering their customers the latest in motor vehicle engineering. This includes adding smart technology to their vehicles to help them become more energy efficient and to provide drivers with assistance in keeping up with their BMW service and repairs. Two vehicles in particular have come to the forefront of this new era in BMW history.

The Diesel Sedan

For the 2014 model year, BMW has created the 328d diesel sedan that offers drivers all the advantages of a diesel in the form of a car. According to vehicle testing, this BMW model reaches an amazing 32 miles per gallon for city driving and up to 45 miles per gallon on the highway. Combined, the car gets approximately 37 miles per gallon. This is an improvement over the numbers boasted by the Smart car in 2013, which rated 34 miles per gallon. In addition to the increased gas efficiency, the car maintains the power of other cars.

An Electric Alternative

In addition to the diesel sedan, BMW is also releasing a new electric car, called the i3. This all-electric car provides drivers with the luxury of BMW for a lower price tag than the typical luxury car. This is BMW’s first venture into the electric car market and has been well received. The i3 offers the same drivability for which BMW is known in a new form. This car is expected to travel up to 193 miles on a single charge.

What Does This Mean for Service and Repairs?

With the entry into smart technology, these vehicles will need cutting-edge BMW service and repair. Smart technology can also remind you when service in necessary and what type of service is required. This can be a great asset for individuals who have busy agendas or are not familiar with their car’s particular maintenance requirements.

Because of the differences in the 328d diesel sedan and the i3 electric car, it is important to find a BMW car care that can handle all your needs. When you develop a trusting relationship with your BMW service provider, you will feel confident that your car is in the right hands.

BMW Engine Repair: Top 5 Signs of Engine Trouble

bmw convertible 486x500 BMW Engine Repair: Top 5 Signs of Engine Trouble

BMW Engine Repair: Top 5 Signs of Engine Trouble

When you bought your BMW, engine repair most certainly was not a topic that was on your mind. However, now that you have been driving your BMW for a while, perhaps it’s time to consider giving a little more attention to that engine. In particular, you might want to know the signs of trouble and how to avoid costly repairs.

Fortunately, the engineers at BMW were thinking ahead and anticipating potential problems. That’s why they equipped your dash with a Check Engine indicator, and connected it to a computer that constantly monitors the condition of your automobile’s many systems. Newer model BMWs don’t simply come with an engine light, they come with an engine indicator light.

1. YELLOW light

If this light is shining yellow, it means the on-board diagnostic computer has detected a minor problem. For instance, it may detect too much air in the system. This could be caused by something as simple as a loose gas cap or something as sinister as a worn hose.

The point here is while you can still drive your BMW, engine repair costs could potentially skyrocket if you don’t get the problem fixed. It’s like the doctor detecting high cholesterol—it may not affect your performance now, but if you don’t do something about it long-term damage could result.

2. RED light

A solid red light means the computer has detected something more serious. In this case, you should have a certified professional look at your engine immediately. If you’re feeling dizzy and having severe chest pains, you don’t sit down and wait for those symptoms to go away. A solid red light indicator is a distinct message from your BMW: engine repair is needed now.

3. Half-filled RED light

If the Check Engine indicator light is half-filled red, pull over. This indicates the engine has gone to limp-mode to avoid or minimize further damage. Something has gone seriously wrong and will need to be fixed before you continue to drive your BMW.

4. Odometer

Look at your odometer. Have you passed one of the mileage milestones for routine maintenance? If you have, and you didn’t get your BMW serviced as recommended, you may be setting yourself up for expensive repairs down the road. Something as mundane as dirty oil may not seem like engine trouble, but over time it will damage engine parts.

5. Calendar

The calendar could also be a guide to engine trouble. As the seasons change, the needs of your car change as well. Different weather conditions make different demands on your automobile. To prevent costly BMW engine repair, make sure you make the proper adjustments for the season.

If you drive a foreign car, such as a BMW, engine repair in the Dallas area is as close as your nearest Autoscope location. But don’t wait until you car tells you something has gone wrong to come by and see us. For more information on foreign car care, connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.