3 Reasons for BMW Brake Service

BMW Brake Warning Light 3 Reasons for BMW Brake Service

Brake Light On

BMWs have multiple ways of letting you know brake service is due.  An actual failure of the braking pressure, fluid level, traction control or ABS systems will cause the actual word “brake” to be displayed either in yellow or red depending on what fault is occurring.  A brake pad warning lamp will be shown if the vehicle’s brake pads are at their minimum, or on some vehicles, an actual message will be displayed indicating “Check brake linings, visit workshop.” So when you see the Brake light, bring your vehicle into Autoscope.

Brakes are Squealing

Brake squeal can be caused by multiple items, one could be debris collected around the area where the caliper holds the pad.  Brake squeal is generated by vibration of the pad within the caliper bracket (much like running your finger around a wine glass), whether it be caused by debris, a lip on the edge of the rotor, or imperfection in the rotor surface or just an out of tolerance pad backing plate.

EditedBMW Brakes 150x150 3 Reasons for BMW Brake ServiceBrakes are Jerky

If your brakes are pulling during use, this can be caused by a brake fluid leak onto the pad surface causing loss of friction or a faulty brake hose.  If they are shimmying while braking, the most common cause is warped brake rotors.  Brake rotors can warp from being too thin to handle the heat generated from braking, or due to pad material being imbedded into one spot on the rotor causing a surface that is no longer uniform.

Autoscope has trained BMW technicians to ensure you get the quality brake service you need at affordable prices. Call any of our three locations to make an appointment.