Differentials Repair Dallas & Plano

What you need to know about differentials:

–          They transfer power from the transmission to the wheels.

–          Generally, they should be serviced every 40,000 miles.

–          Differential fluid, like engine oil, keeps the metal parts lubricated and prevents wear.

–          Every car has a differential, just some are built into the transmission while others are separate.

–          Differentials are very strong and seldom fail when properly maintained.

The differential we serviced today was one of the worst we have seen. The fluid, which starts out almost clear, was very dark and shimmered with all the pieces of metal in it.

As the fluid deteriorates, it is less able to lubricate the system and the metal parts start to wear. You want to avoid this wear by keeping the fluid fresh. Once a symptom is noticed, it’s too late as the pieces are already starting to fail. Symptoms of a failing differential are loud sounds like howling, grinding, or chattering coming from the front or rear axles.

MG 8124 333x500 Differentials