The air coming out of your car's A/C vents feels pleasant because as the warm air passes through the evaporator, the moisture as well as the heat are removed before delivering it to the cabin.

Exactly as condensation is formed on the outside of an ice-cold glass of beverage, so do water droplets form on your A/C evaporator. The difference is that you have a coaster soaking up the puddle from the glass of beverage, where as the water accumulated from the evaporator ends up in a tray just below it and is expelled through drain tubes, much like your home's gutter down-spouts. That's why you'll find small puddles of water under your car in the summer time.

When the A/C system is in use it produces water condensation that collects inside the a/c housing. The combination of water and Texas heat creates an environment that allows mold and fungus to produce and multiply in and around your evaporator core.  The air from your blower motor forces air across this surface and out through the vents in your dash, floor, and defroster. This results in the “dirty sock “like odor you smell when you first start your car and turn on your air conditioner.

Autoscope’s evaporative service has a unique cleaning solution designed to quickly and effectively removing this build up and therefore eliminating the poor odor. This also helps to allow maximum efficiency since the air can flow across the evaporator core without restriction.

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Servicing the air conditioning system annually will also help the musty smell from reoccurring.


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