BMW AC Vent 500x333 How long should it take to cool my car down?

The question is always asked, how long should it take to cool the car down after it’s been sitting under the sun all day? Well, the answer depends on how hot the car is to start with, in what condition is your car’s Air conditioning system and what process you use to cool it down after you start the car.

If your car is parked under the sun all day, the temperatures are most likely well over a 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Presuming that your A/C system is working properly, here is the quickest way to get your car’s interior to cool down. It should take around 5 to 10 minutes before you can start feeling comfortable. Remember, even though the vents are blowing cold air, the car’s interior is still radiating the absorbed heat. It will take an additional 10 minutes to absorb and exchange the heat from the seats and dash.

Do not drive with your windows down until you reach a temperature you think is cool, that just delays the cooling process.

After the initial venting, by opening the door for thirty seconds, the intense, built-up heat is depleted, however, it still feels very hot due to the interior surfaces radiating stored heat. Start the car and turn the A/C on, with the fan on high speed (with Automatic climate controls, this will be done by default, provided you have it on “Auto” setting) and the the windows up, closed completely, leaving the windows down, will actually take longer to cool your car’s interior.

The system will vent outside air in and cool it down as quickly as possible by using the car’s engineered air-flow system along with the cold air, now being generated by the A/C compressor.

Once you get the temperature down to a relative (less-hot) state, then you can turn the “MAX” switch or the “Recirc” position, which will recycle the relative cool air inside the car, driving down the interior temperature even further.

Using a sunshade can dramatically decrease the amount of heat build up in your car while it sits.

Autoscope recommends that you have your A/C system checked annually, before it starts to give you trouble.

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