Did you know that your Jaguar has a computer?  This computer keeps track of what is happening in your Jaguar.  It knows about the battery, the oil, the spark plugs, and much more so that when something goes wrong, it can pin-point the issue.

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Electronic Control Module

Where can you take your Jaguar to get its computer evaluated?  Bring your Jaguar into Autoscope Foreign Car Care.  We can hook it up to our state-of-the-art electrical diagnostic machine.  This will allow us to see exactly what is happening.

Once Autoscope has run your Jaguar through its diagnostic, we have factory-trained and certified professionals who can fix the issue.  With years of experience behind them, our technicians know all the issues and know how to fix your Jaguar fast and right – the first time!

We are passionate about cars and it shows.  All Jaguars models, XFs, XJs, or XKs, can be serviced at Autoscope Foreign Car Care.  When you bring your Jaguar in, not only will you receive first-class service, we will also hand-wash your Jaguar before we return it to you.  In addition, we offer shuttle service to your home or office and then a pick-up service once your Jaguar’s repairs are completed.

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Autoscope at Park Cities, Dallas, near Love Field Airport