Your Jaguar has a Legendary Race Heritage Unlike any other European car manufacturer!

The Legendary Jaguar engines that kept winning races in Europe’s endurance courses have contributed directly to your street Jaguar you drive today. These engines are tough yet need TLC. They require minimum maintenance, however, regularly scheduled services will ensure long, trouble free life out of your Jaguar.

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AUTOSCOPE‘s recommended oil services fall at every five to seven thousand mile interval, not fifteen to twenty as some dealers recommend. The heat and severe driving conditions in Texas do impose a heavy burden on your Jaguar’s engine, if neglected, it can result in expensive and unnecessary repairs.

AUTOSCOPE will keep your Jaguar in Tip-Top condition. We just ask that you follow our prescribed maintenance schedule. You’ll be glad to have a reliable and a low maintenance Jaguar for year to come, in return.

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Jaguar Engine Repair