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Your Jaguar’s suspension is an integral part of the quality you have come to expect from your beloved car.  Whether it is shocks, struts, or you hear a clunking noise when going over bumps, we are here to help.  Autoscope has been here for 30 years and we’ve almost  have seen it all.  We are here to offer you solutions and remedies to any ails your Jaguar is experiencing.

Why get an alignment?

If your Jaguar is pulling while you are driving on a smooth flat surface, this is an indicator of possible faulty tires, worn or damaged steering components, or an alignment that is incorrectly set.  All of these items will cause your Jaguar to pull and exhibit faster than normal tire wear.  Having an alignment performed on your Jaguar ensures all of these items are checked and serviced properly.

Is your Jaguar’s steering wheel off-center while driving on straight, flat surface?  An improper alignment or worn tires can contribute to this.  Driving with the steering wheel off center can cause accelerated tire wear.

A poor alignment can create uneven tire wear and the needless costs associated with early tire replacement.  A proper alignment will keep tires in good usable condition to allow the most life from the tires.  Your Jaguar’s alignment should be checked on an annual basis to ensure maximum tire life, so stop by Autoscope to check your alignment.

Learn more here:  Alignment video.

  • Servicing Jaguars for 30 Years in the Dallas Area, Autoscope understands what you expect from your Jaguar.
  • A Reliable and attentive staff focused on looking after your Jaguar’s well being without feeling like you’re having to buy it all over again.
  • Quick turnaround service
  • A beautiful, clean environment typifying a Jaguar owner.

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