Dallas Land Rover Battery Service Land Rover in its natural habitat

Dallas and Plano Land Rover Battery Service

Is your Land Rover not starting?  It could be your battery but we would recommend having it checked to know for sure!

What you need to know about Range Rover and Land Rover Batteries: 

-Signs of a weak battery include slow, sluggish cranking while starting the engine, or even automatic reset of the clock, seat positions, trip meter or preset radio settings.

-Jumping, or jump starting, your Rover not only shortens the life of it’s battery but can also damage components in the car with power surge. We recommend towing the car in when it won’t start!

-Newer Land Rover and Range Rovers will have a type of battery called AGM versus what we normally think of as a battery, which is a lead acid battery. AGM batteries last longer and can have more available power for the large number of electronics that newer cars have.

-Extreme hot, and extreme cold shorten a batteries life.  In our Texas environment, batteries have an average life of 4-5 years.

-Driving with a weak battery can damage your alternator.  When the alternator is trying to recharge a battery that will not retain the charge, it causes the alternator to work twice as hard, and shortens its life.