Is your Land Rover not starting?  Could be your battery, or it could be something worse.  To be sure, you should take your Land Rover into a trusted mechanic shop.

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Land Rover in its natural habitat

Autoscope Foreign Car Care has a reputation for taking care of fine European vehicles.  We have factory-trained mechanics and service advisers who will test your Land Rover’s battery.  We will let you know if your battery needs replacing or if it just needs a good cleaning.  If it needs replacing, we will replace it with the correct battery for your Land Rover.  We will install it properly and get you and your Land Rover back on the road.

When was the last time that you had your Land Rover’s battery checked?  Autoscope also does battery checks.  We will have one of our certified technicians check out your battery’s life.  We will be able to tell you if it is still good or if it would be best to exchange it for a new one.

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Bosch Batteries are “Exact Fitment” European Cases

All our batteries come with factory warranties.  If they do not last the life-time that they are promised, bring your Land Rover in and we will replace the battery for free.

Autoscope services all Land Rover models: from the LR2, to the LR4, to the Ranger Rover Evoque, to the Ranger Rover Sport, to the Ranger Rover.  We know our Rovers and will know how to care for them like they are part of our family.

Check out our Dallas location near Love Field if you’re in the Park Cities, Highland Park or University Park.  Come visit our Plano location if you’re nearby in Frisco, Richardson or Carrollton.  And our East Dallas location is ready to serve you if you’re in Grand Prairie or Lakewood.  Store Locator.