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Land Rover Brake Service in Dallas and Plano

Are your Land Rover’s brakes screeching?  Not able to stop as fast as you need to?  Not sure of the last time that your Land Rover’s brake fluid was checked?

What you need to know about Land Rover and Range Rover Brakes:

-Heavier vehicles wear through brakes faster, Rovers are pretty heavy but they are really good at stopping.

-You can’t machine or turn rotors on most European vehicles, the metal is softer and they are made to tighter specifications which doesn’t allow them to be safely reused.

-There are three parts to the brakes that would need to be replaced; brake pads, brake rotors and brake pad sensors for a correct job.

-Brake fluid is an essential part of how the brakes stop the car, it is what actually moves the pads when you step on the brake pedal.

-When your friends call "Land Rover, Land Rover, come on right over, we can make sure you stop when you get there.


Our brake service includes a thorough inspection of your Land Rover’s brakes. It includes brake pad and rotor replacement, and brake caliper repair. We also inspect and flush brake fluid as needed. We can also replace older brake lines to keep you safe on the road.  Our goal is to have you and your Land Rover back on the road as quickly as possible.