Land Rover Cooling System

The Most Important System On Your Land Rover To Keep Working Properly Is The Cooling System!

IMG 0083 500x333 Land Rover Cooling System

Land Rover Coolant Valley Pan leak is being resealed.

In the Texas heat, your Land Rover cooling system has got to be the most important thing to verify that its working properly.  A weak mixture of antifreeze or a small leak in the entire system can deplete the cooling capacity and its capability, causing an overheating condition, which in turn, could cause irreparable damage to your engine.

AUTOSCOPE can test your coolant for proper mixture strength and check for minor leaks as well identifying any other upcoming problems that can escalate before it’s too late.  

OVERHEATING Is the number one reason why most Land Rover engines fail in Texas.  Do not get caught in the Texas extreme summer heat without having your Land Rover’s coolant system checked. 

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