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 Things You Should Know About Your Land Rover Suspension:

  • The system is designed to provide the optimum ride height for your driving situation and comfort.  It can be lowered when driving on the highway, or raised if you fording the Trinity River.
  • It is a complicated system and the failure of any one part will cause the system to not work.
  • There is usually never a warning of failure until the warning light comes on and truck will not raise properly.
  • Once it the warning light is on it will have to be electronically de-activated before it returns to normal height.
  • Although the parts can be expensive, you do have options!

Your Range Rover is an amazingly capable vehicle both on the highway and off-road!  Autoscope has been helping owners in the Dallas area get their kids to school or drive around the ranch for 30 years.

Range Rover Suspension Travel Land Rover Suspension

Let Autoscope diagnose the true cause of the problem and provide some cost-effective options for the repair.  Range Rover air suspensions are something that we specialize in and are happy to help you with yours.  In fact, if you are having issues with your suspension, we may options for you.  Learn more here.

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