Frequently asked questions about our detail services:

1. What cars is the detail valid for?
a. Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Bentley, Ferrari, Lotus, Mini Cooper, Maserati, Saab, Volvo, Volkswagen.

2. What about my Nissan, Lexus, Toyota or other Asian vehicle?
a. While we understand that everyone loves their cars, we only work on European cars.

3. How long does the detail take?
a. We need to have the car by 10am to have it completed by 5 or 6pm the same day.

4. What all does the detail include?
a. For a full description please check our special Groupon Page here:

5. Do you only do details?
a. No! We are a full service European repair and service facility. Basically we can do almost everything the dealership can do with the same parts and often with a better warranty! How great is that?

6. Can I get a service I need done at the same time as the detail?
a. Generally yes! There are some things that will require more time but we can accomplish most services like Inspection 1 or 2 on a BMW, any letter service on a Mercedes and oil changes within the day we have the car. If you need a specific service, just ask when you set your appointment!

7. Can I get a Saturday appointment?
a. The details are only Monday thru Friday.

8. When can I schedule my appointment?
a. You may call to schedule your appointment starting Tuesday June 21st.

9. Do you clean the engine bay?
a. We will wipe down the covers in the engine but that is the extent of the cleaning we offer for that area for this offer. If you desire a detailed cleaning of the engine bay, please inquire about cost of this service when you call to schedule your appointment.

10. Can you fix the paint on my car?
a. We have the ability to fix some paint chips which we can estimate once you bring the car in for the detail.