DSC09894 500x375 SRS Light   Mercedes, Supplemental Restraint System

SRS, Brake and Check Engine Lights.


Does your Mercedes occasionally illuminate an “SRS” warning light? The “SRS” acronyms stands for Supplemental-Restraint-System. Which include all Airbag, child safety detection pads and Seat-belt component monitoring circuits. Any problem with any of the seat-belt latches or airbag components, wiring and circuitry will trigger the “SRS” light.

With S-R-S light illuminated, your airbags will employ in the case of an accident, however, because of an indicated problem by the illumination of the S-R-S light, all of the airbags will deploy instead of just a specific one as a redundant safety measure.

You should not drive without the proper protection of the Supplemental Restraint System, Bring your Mercedes in to Autoscope, we can once again return your Mercedes to its safe protecting mode of You and Your Family while securely strapped in the cockpit.

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