C machine1 500x361 Get Your Mercedes Benz Ready For Summer

Computerized Air Conditioning Service Machine for Mercedes vehicles

If you find the A/C in your Mercedes is not blowing cold enough for the blistering Dallas summer days then let us test the A/C system for you today. Summer is here, let us help get your  Mercedes Benz stay cool for the Texas Heat with our Air Conditioning Performance test.

Your modern Mercedes Benz is tuned to keep you cool and comfortable, the last thing you want is to be hot and uncomfortable because the A/C is not blowing cold enough!

Our three convenient locations in Plano, Dallas Park Cities and Dallas – White Rock are here to make you comfortable again! Come cool off with us this summer!

Summer is a time for road trips, vacations and forgetting the daily grind as often as you can. So before the carefree days of summer hit, make sure your car is trip ready with our Free 27 point inspection.

C service 500x333 Get Your Mercedes Benz Ready For Summer

Mercedes A/C service

Our 27 point inspection gets your car ready for trips and travel by checking the following:

-Engine oil level

-Transmission fluid

-Coolant level

-Brake fluid

-All belts are checked

-All hoses are checked

-Check tire condition and wear for all 4 tires

-Check brake pads and rotor condition

-Parking brake is checked

Summer heat and extended driving can be hard on any vehicle so make sure yours is in top shape with our free 27 point inspection.