DSC00949 150x150 Mercedes Battery Service

Mercedes Starter Battery

MERCEDES CLS500 BATTERY MAIN TRUNK 150x150 Mercedes Battery Service

Mercedes Main Systems Battery – In Trunk

Autoscope has the Best warranty in Dallas Metroplex with a 5 Year unconditional replacement warranty.

Don’t be left stranded by your Mercedes due to a dead or weak battery!

Hot or Cold climates can weaken your Mercedes Battery.  Which means, the weak Mercedes battery is going to die and leave you stranded.  You know Murphy’s Law, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong” and usually, at the most inopportune time.

Batteries, over time will degrade and lose their charging capabilities, just as your rechargeable laptop or phone batteries, the difference is, you can get in your car, drive to the store and get another one for your phone or laptop.  Not so for your Mercedes. You, now have to call a tow truck to either jump-start your car, which is a very bad thing if you don’t do it perfectly, or take precious time from your busy schedule and schedule an appointment to get the “Proper” battery installed in your Mercedes.

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Bosch Batteries are “Exact Fitment” European Cases

Care must be taken after installing the Mercedes battery, you may need to reinitialize the windows and sunroof.

It’s a good thing Autoscope Foreign Car Care is nearby to help you with all of your battery service needs.  We offer batteries for all Mercedes automobiles with the best warranty in the Dallas Metroplex, better than you’ll find at your local dealership.

Put your trust in Autoscope to ensure that you and your Mercedes is back on the road again in no time after a full car-battery service.  Our Factory trained technicians and our service advisers will treat you and your car like a member of our own family.

Autoscope Foreign Car Care specializes in Mercedes automobiles since 1982.