Standard Mercedes Suspension Repair and Air Suspension Repair.

Surely one of the reasons you purchased your Mercedes-Benz is the way it drives.  And this is surely one of the reasons you want to take care of it.  Mercedes’ suspension systems are some of the best ever created and contribute greatly to the ride quality you enjoy.2008CL65 e1340636673732 Mercedes Suspension Repair

Your Mercedes may have a traditional suspension consisting of struts and shocks, among other components.  Or it may have their air suspension system that provides an even better ride. The ride height can aldo be adjusted to change the look or handling characteristics.

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Standard Rear Suspension

M B Air Suspension e1340636921368 Mercedes Suspension Repair

Rear Air Suspension


The air suspension system is comprised of several more working parts than the conventional set up and may require more consideration when servicing the vehicle.  These components can be expensive to repair or replace, but Autoscope offers a warranty on parts and labor to add value and peace of mind.

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