As we start coming into colder weather in North Texas, a lot of great things come to mind.  A final relief from summer heat, great family moments around the holidays, traditions with friends, and of course, lots of great food.  One of the things that can easily be forgotten about is the health and status of some of your car’s systems.  Even working in the industry myself, I take for granted that my car will start in the morning, my fluid levels and tires are ok.  Your car typically is the means to head to a relative’s home or other fun events that may be planned.  Having car trouble at an unexpected time is a sure way to put a damper on a fun event.

Preventive Maintenance e1339164026592 ProActive Maintenance For A Healthy CarAt Autoscope, one of our core beliefs is that being proactive towards car repair and service prevents break downs and helps to reduce unexpected repair costs.  By performing proactive maintenance and inspecting the vital systems on your car regularly, this will show those early warning signs that a trained professional sees on a daily basis, and can spot very quickly on a routine check.  Thus giving you, our client, a better understanding of exactly what is going on with your car, and gives you the ability to plan for upcoming repairs, instead of having a stress inducing vehicle breakdown, and subsequent repair cost that many times exceeds what the original preventative repair would have been.

This is one of the more vital reasons for having a trained professional working on your car.  Technicians who aren’t as well versed in your particular car may miss an item that is important.  Even, smaller items such as putting in a headlamp bulb or replacing a battery can have expensive results if done incorrectly.  These seem easy enough, even auto parts stores will offer to put them in sometimes, but on today’s extremely complex, and sophisticated vehicles, it can be anything but simple.  An improper connection or installation can take a wrong turn quickly.

A recent example is a Mercedes at our facility.  It had a flat battery from being parked for an extended period of time.  This isn’t uncommon at all.  However, when the battery was jump started, the cables were connected backwards, and with the extremely sensitive electronics that a Mercedes is equipped with, this created what can only be described as a bit of electrical chaos.

Another one was a BMW 3 series that just needed a headlamp bulb replaced.  It was done at an auto parts store, but wasn’t clipped into the lamp properly, causing the lamp to actually melt the plastic housing, and fall out backwards.

If you would like to find out more about being proactive in you automotive maintenance, please contact any of our three convenient Dallas area locations.