You love Autoscope, we love you as clients and what better way to honor that love than with a rewards card? That’s right, you spend money here, you earn money back and just like that you end up getting free services! What could be better?

We have many options for you to redeem your rewards points! You can choose from any of the services below or you can redeem your points for a cash value!

Interior Detail = 4500 points

Oil Service = 6000 points

Brake Flush =6000 points

Wheel Repair = 6500 points

Alignment = 9000 points

Dinner for 2 = 10000 points

Autoscope T-Shirt  = 1000 Points

Autoscope Hat = 1500 Points

Entry to Drivers Education Event = 10000 points

Need some work done but it's not on the list? You can use points for cash! 1,000 points is redeemable for $20!

To check how many points you have, go here and enter your card number. Your rewards card number is on the back or call us and we can retrieve it for you!