Mobil 1 motor oil has been tested in various forms of racing for years and remains the preferred oil by many teams in many racing series around the world. Several Porsche racing teams, Corvette Racing, multiple NASCAR teams, just to name a few, proudly use Mobil 1 as their oil. These teams know that the best protection for their high performance racing engines comes from Mobil 1.

Not only does Mobil 1 protect race engines around the world, it protects many more high performance engines in street car applications.  If this oil can perform under the stresses of the race track, imagine what it can do for your street car. In fact, more high performance manufacturers choose Mobil 1 than any other oil. Bentley, Aston Martin, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz AMG, Nissan GT-R, Corvette, and even some motorcycle companies choose Mobil 1 motor oil for their engines before they leave the factory. Visit any 1 of the 3 Autoscope Foreign Car Care facilities and we can provide your high performance street car with the Mobil 1 oil that is right for your engine.

Providing your high performance car with race-tested, time-proven Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil is one of the most cost effective ways of protecting your cherished car. Autoscope is here to help with your oil services, recommend proper oil service intervals, and provide all types of maintenance on your European vehicle, whether you consider it high performance or not. Even the engine in your family sedan can benefit from the superior protection of Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil.