Chances are the low coolant light is on due to a leak in the system. Your car has a floating-level much like your water-tank in your commode, which rises and falls with the coolant level in your radiator. As the level falls below a critical amount of coolant in the radiator or expansion tank (attached to the radiator via a hose or pipe), the system triggers a warning to alert you of a leak which can lead to a dangerous overheating situation. Think of it as the China Syndrome (a hypothetical sequence of events following the meltdown of a nuclear reactor, in which the core melts through its containment structure and deep into the earth). Well, the lack of coolant in your car's system can cause your engine to go into the China Syndrome Mode, which means, a lot of money and down time. No one wants to shell out thousands of dollars for an engine replacement, check your coolant level at least twice a year, once in the fall and another in the spring by a professional technician such as the ones Autoscope employs. These technicians will not only check the fluid level and its strength, they will also check for any leaks that are about to spring. If your coolant system has not been touched for a number or four to five years, you most likely are going to experience some kind of coolant leak from either the water pump, radiator or accompanying hoses of fitments. Taking care of this now can save you time, money and a lot of headaches and inconvenience.

  • This should normally be enough to deter a catastrophic failure of your system.

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