Aside from ultimately being a safety item (integral suspension component), broken or cracked control arm bushings are the leading causes of uneven tire wear! The control arm bushings in your vehicle are basically hollow rubber donuts which are filled with hydraulic fluid which are pressed into the arms themselves and then act as the connections between the control arms and the body of the car. Over time and mileage these bushings start to crack and the fluid leaks from the bushing.  When the hydraulic fluid leaks out it allows for play in the wheel, which equates to the wheels cambering – which causes the tires to wear their inside edges unevenly! That’s quite a domino effect! As we all know the price of gas is directly correlated to the price of tires, so they are quite an investment! In fact it takes 7 gallons of oil to make just one tire! So be green and get the most out of your tires by making sure that your control arm bushings are in good shape. Schedule a diagnostic appointment at any of our 3 convenient Autoscope locations today!

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