335i trans internals solenoids and valves 3 150x150 #1 Reason to Regularly Service Your TransmissionYour car’s transmission fluid serves multiple purposes and is more important than you may think. Like the director of a play working hard behind the scenes, your car’s transmission fluid is constantly working behind the scenes too. The transmission fluid serves as a lubricant for all the internal moving parts- ensuring smooth quiet shifts, it also acts as a coolant protecting the gears from over-heating; and finally acts as a viscous fluid helping transfer power to the engine. Transmission fluid really is a jack-of-all –trades when it comes to lube.

Regardless of whether your vehicle is an automatic or a manual, servicing and replenishing fluid is crucial maximizing the transmission’s longevity. Overtime the fluid starts to accumulate small bits of metal from the internal moving parts wearing against each other, automatic transmission fluid will even degrade and start to break down over time. One benefit of performing the transmission service is that the replacement of the pan/ filter will seal up any existing transmission leak, which is by far the most common kind of transmission leak. Finally, the service only needs to be performed every 50,000 miles or so, so getting it taken care of now means just one less thing to worry about over the next couple of years! In closing, to get the most out of your European car and experience the most pleasurable driving experience, Autoscope recommends performing a transmission service on your vehicle every 50,000 miles. Call one of our 3 convenient locations to schedule an appointment today!

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