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Are you tired of the dealer and want to work with someone who cares about you and your car?

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Welcome to AUTOSCOPE, where we know our clients by name, have worked on European cars for over 34 years, and are passionate, dog loving people. When you walk in our door, we don’t see a BMW. We see a person who relies on their BMW for shuttling kids, safe transportation, and enjoyable road trips.

Did you know that there’s a difference between servicing your car and changing your oil?

A BMW service includes not only an oil and filter change but also checking if the engine air filter, ac (or cabin) air filter need to be changed, we inspect your entire vehicle to ensure that no major safety components are in need of attention, along with checking for items that will need to addressed in the near future so you can plan for them.

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“I come back to AutoScope because every person is friendly, anticipates my needs, treats me with the utmost respect; and because they know I could take my repair dollars elsewhere, does everything possible to make certain that my experience at AutoScope IS better than “elsewhere”. I am amazed, that in today’s “who-cares?” business environment, these people really do. Individually — and collectively — they have pushed the customer service envelope to the limits — and have ensured that my dollars, regardless of how reluctanly spent — will stay at AutoScope. Dana Jakus” ~Rick & Dana Jakus

What sets AUTOSCOPE apart for your BMW service in Dallas and Plano:

  • When you call, you get a real person who can answer your questions. No long waits or multiple transfers to get the info you’re looking for.
  • We will advise you on the importance of repairs based on your needs and driving style
  • We use our extensive knowledge of your BMW and previous repairs to work efficiently and effectively which saves you money and time.
  • We have the factory testing tools and equipment to work on your BMW.
  • Over 34 Years of Experience with BMW Models
  • Factory Testing Tools
  • Certified Mechanics
  • Our service advisors have all worked on cars.

Our service includes:

  • Free shuttle service from your home or office. (Monday-Friday)

  • Our service advisors have all worked on cars.
  • Hand wash and vacuum your car after servicing it.
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