Is it time for your scheduled BMW tune up?  For that matter, does any BMW need a tune up?  Your father’s old Chevy did, but that was in the days of distributor caps and rotors.  What about now?  The simple answer is – YES, although the times and your car have changed.

Tune Up Spark Plugs e1339174378571 BMW Tune Up

Cars of today, and their parts, have come a long way and the parts normally last longer than they did.  There are a few ways to look at a BMW tune up.  First, there are what BMW calls Inspections I and II and these are tune ups in their own way.  These occur every 30k miles and different models require different items to be inspected or replaced and they alternate between Inspection I and Inspection II.  Please contact Autoscope to see what is required for your particular car at either Inspection.

A more involved service, or BMW tune up, is highly recommended at 100k miles.  Unless these items have been replaced recently, spark plugs, spark plug wires, oxygen sensors, the fuel filter and possibly ignition coils should be replaced.  By this time, they are past their normal life expectancy and are not operating at peak efficiency.  Gas mileage, performance, emissions, reliability, and driving enjoyment are all suffering.  To find out what your car needs, call Autoscope today, or simply fill out the form below.

By replacing these items you are taking major step in getting the car back up to par and the car will thank you.

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