BMW AC Vent 500x333 Do You Have a Cool BMW instead of a COLD One?

Are you experiencing cool air coming out of your vents and not a cold one? Usually, when a client complains about his BMW not cooling down fast enough, I check the operations of all the components which combine to deliver cold air through all the vents, including the floor and dash. The components to check for proper operation are the interior input controls such as the “settings” control panel and the mode or preference it is set to. I-Drive makes it tough to navigate to the right settings at times. If you don’t have the vents set to cold in the preference settings, your car will not blow cold air even though your air-conditioning system is working properly. The blower speed is also an important item to check. If you’ve got a sub-par fan speed, your car will not deliver the right amount of air circulation to cool the cabin properly.

Low freon level in the system will cause warmer air through the vents and might even produce a cold air out of the right vent but a warm one out of the left side. This may be an indicator of not enough freon to provide the proper cooling of the complete system.

If you do have a low level of freon, we need to check for leaks in the system. The system is sealed and should have zero leaks. Any deviation from the exact amount of freon fill in the entire system will cause a warm or hot air delivery through your BMW’s vents.

Even an outside temperature sensor could vary the output temperature. The outside temperature is usually located by the front spoiler and running too close to a curb can damage the unit and render your BMW’s cabin cooling system useless.

This requires checking the level with a precise A/C equipment to measure the right amount of freon in the system, usually evacuating the system, measuring the precise amount of freon evacuated and recharging it with the proper fill and lubrication the system and the compressor needs to work properly.

C service 500x333 Do You Have a Cool BMW instead of a COLD One?

BMW A/C service requires the connection of a computerized Air Conditioning Machine to accurately measure the freon level needed for optimal cooling

Outside Temp. Sensor BMW 052 500x375 Do You Have a Cool BMW instead of a COLD One?

Outside Temperature Sensor BMW located by front left spoiler / bumper