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For your performance needs on a BMW, AUTOSCOPE  has the answers for you…DINAN. As a Dinan Authorized Dealer, the Three-Time BMW Club Racing National Champion, Nerces Mavelian and AUTOSCOPE can help you with your BMW performance needs. Whether enhancing your street BMW for Spirited Driving or Seting up your BMW for the track, AUTOSCOPE can help you tune your BMW to fit within your budget and dreams.

BMW enthusiasts know that their Ultimate Driving Machines require only the finest degree of care in order to live up to their storied title. For BMW drivers in the Dallas area, that means visiting AUTOSCOPE European Car Care, serving all parts of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

BMW M3 See Through Hood 8179 W 31 1024x515 G.I.A.C and Dinan

A 2010 Porsche 911 Turbo S is a high performance machine with 530 horsepower and all wheel drive. It has a new direct injection 3.8 liter flat 6 engine with twin turbo chargers, and the new PDK transmission, which makes it a beautiful sight to see. AUTOSCOPE, along with the experts at GIAC Software Engineering, have spent the last two days doing software upgrades and performing dynamometer pulls on that beautiful piece of machinery, the Porsche 911. After all of everyone’s hard work, the Porsche has increased its performance in horsepower and torque.

PorscheTTS2010 500x333 G.I.A.C and Dinan

vwgiactuning G.I.A.C and DinanLooking for a little more out of your VW? Well there’s a new VW tuning option for you. G.I.A.C. and VF-Engineering, who collaborated to build the V6 4motion and the US MK4 VR6 supercharger systems, have designed the new VW R32 supercharger kit. This kit uses the “bullet proof” Vortech Engineering supercharger unit and proprietary GIAC custom software. Simplicity is a key design of this truly do it yourself conversion kit, the way you bolt on the kit is simple, reversible and includes every part you need to get your car supercharged in one day. The stage 1 VM R32 kit yields 320 HP and 310 Torque while the VW R32 stage 2 kit yields 350 HP and 340 Torque. AUTOSCOPE is the premiere GIAC dealer in the Dallas- Fort Worth Area, and any of our three AUTOSCOPE locations can help with your new supercharger or other GIAC product. This is one of many  options AUTOSCOPE and GIAC have for your VW tuning and performance needs.

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