Coolant Antifreeze for BMW Mercedes Jaguar Porsche 054 e1339704618614 317x500 Jag Antifreeze / Coolant System and Organic Acid Technology (CAT) Fluid

Specific Jaguar Coolant should be used when topping off or replacing

Your Jaguar’s coolant / antifreeze is specially designed to protect the aluminum-alloy heads from corrosion whilst lubricating all other components contained within the cooling system. You should NOT Mix Jaguar antifreeze with non-compatible fluids. Mixing non-compatible coolants will result in serious damage to the entire engine cooling system as well as the heating system components. Jaguar recommends flushing the cooling system WSS M97B44-D (Part Number JLM20972) antifreeze fluid which is an Organic Acid Technology (CAT) type and must not be mixed with other types of coolant.The entire system usually holds around 20 to 11 quarts, depending on the model.


To clean and flush the cooling system, Jaguar recommends using premium coolant system flush products meeting Jaguar specification EGR-M14P7-A, which is made for use with aluminum cooling system. The cleaning restores cooling system efficiency and helps prevent overheating.

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