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One of the most distinctive cars on the road is the Mini. The Mini Cooper as it’s known in the U.S. has been around for over fifty years now. Mini owners around the world are part of a community of owners possessed by the Mini experience.

Keeping your Mini Cooper on the road is what AUTOSCOPE will do. When considering Mini repair in Dallas consider that our skilled technicians are fanatics when it comes to working on vehicles. Craftsman that know a thing or two about high-tech engines and on-board computer systems which are more powerful today than the rockets that took men to the moon during the Apollo era.

Mini Cooper is a world class car but does have some inherent difficulties. AUTOSCOPE works with clients to learn all the little idiosyncrasies of your Mini. AUTOSCOPE will know your car well enough at the end of the day to help you with less down time.

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Examples of Common Issues with Mini Coopers:

  • Timing chain noise. Mini’s are notorious for this noise and if left unchecked can cause major issues for you down the road. The loss of a timing chain can cause a cataclysmic engine failure. If you experience a timing chain loss you will know it. Get over to a safe stopping point and turn off the car immediately. You will see the temperature rise very rapidly to the point of cracking your engine block. This is why if you hear a noise get to our shop right away.
  • Know transmission issues. First generation CVT transmissions do have problems. However, with proper care and maintenance, your Mini will give you years of service. Proper filters and fluid are a necessity for the transmission.
  • Front radiator supports are made of plastic and don’t withstand road debris very well. Checking these for cracks before they fatigue and break. Will prevent any real issues.
  • Electric power steering pumps are known for failure. Keeping the proper amount of fluid in check at all times will help.
  • Water pump and thermostat housing leaks are very common. A quick glance in the morning or after your car has been sitting a while to see if any visible fluid is underneath. Take care with this the loss of the water pump can cause your engine to quickly overheat.
  • Manual transmissions the first and second generation did have issues. If you own an older model have us give it a good once-over for peace-of-mind. This issue was typically hard driving. If you’re a spirited driver make sure your shift patterns are precise and that you’re fully depressing the clutch. Practice makes perfect as they say. Spirited driving does require some learned skill.


The key to owning a Mini Cooper is care and regular maintenance. As with all high-tech engines routine maintenance simply comes with the territory. You will want to run good quality fluids never scrimp on quality, in fluids you do get what you pay for. It’s not a question of profit it’s a question of quality!

Come see why your Mini should be in AUTOSCOPE’s care.

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